Long distance relationships are hard. Similarly, British radio personality Roman Kemp found out about it as he succumbed to defeat to the time difference that saw his prior dating life torn apart. However, he has since fought back the heartbreak and has now started dating a new girlfriend based in Switzerland.

The London-native is an English radio host and presenter for international radio network Capital FM. He was announced among the star-studded list of hosts in fellow British radio personalities, Maya Jama and Clara Amfo, to host GQ Men of the Year Awards 2018. The 21st annual event took place on 5 September 2018.

Capital FM: Roman Kemp interviews 'Get Out' star Denzel Washington on Capital FM (Published on 22 August 2018)

On 1 March 2018, Kemp hosted The 2018 Global Awards with British host, Rochelle Humes, and British model, Myleene Klass. 

Roman Kemp’s Short Bio(Age): Famous Dad & Mom, Hobbies

Born on 28 January 1993, to legendary artists and parents, Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman, Roman, age 26, is a huge football fan who supports Arsenal FC.

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His father, Martin Kemp is an English actor, director, musician, television presenter, best known as the bassist of the band Spandau Ballet as well as for his portrayal as Steve Owen on the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

His mother, Shirlie Holliman is an English former pop singer, who found fame in the 1980s as a back vocalist for Wham!. She’s also a part of the iconic pop duo, Pepsi & Shirlie.

What is Roman Kemp’s Net Worth & Salary?

Joining the radio network in 2014, at age 21, Kemp became the youngest presenter on one of the biggest broadcasting networks in the UK.

At age 26, the versatile artist has been making waves through his artistic works. Not only is he one of the rising stars, but he’s also best friends with many of the most significant artists in the world- Canadian singer Justin Bieber, to name one.

Among his stellar list of interviews include gay British Singer, Sam Smith, Cuban-American Singer, Camilla Cabello, Denzel Washington and many more.

According to Payscale, the average Radio host based in the United Kingdom earns about $43,834. However, being one of the prominent radio hosts in one of the best radio station, he probably boasts a more prominent figure than that.

As for his net worth, he enjoys a net worth in thousands, without adding his dad’s net worth of $4 million. 

‘First Date’ Ladies Find Roman's Dad Hotter!

Apart from being a charming, handsome and talented radio host, Roman showed that he was more than just a pretty face, who also had a heart of gold in November 2017; he participated in a celebrity edition of First Dates for Stand Up to Cancer.

Although he attracted many ladies for himself during the episode, most of his dates surprisingly found his dad more attractive than him. When the camera rolled backstage to Roman, he revealed,

"Do you know how many girlfriends I've had who have said, 'Your Dad's fit'. Do you know how much that sucks?"

Being the son of an 80s darling really can be annoying sometimes, which Kemp found to be true but regardless of such funny and annoying aspects he still loves his father and his mother dearly.

With that said, his ‘many girlfriends’ as he puts, suggests that his dating life is not as bad as it seems though! Whether or not it could be true is just something us fans will have to keep on pondering about. We hope it is true!

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Find Out About Roman Kemp’s Dating Life!

Most women find British men very attractive just because of their accent, but when it comes to Roman, he’s basically a younger version of James Bond. So, he must have enjoyed his share of a dating life as well.

In recent times, he had however been in a long-distance relationship with his unnamed girlfriend, who lives in Greece. Unfortunately for the pair, they broke up in late 2017 as they struggled to maintain their communication with each other due to the difference in their time zone.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper in March 2018, he opened up about his heartache,

"It's hard. A long-distance relationship when you do a breakfast show is the toughest thing. It's all right... it's just one of those things. But I'm very much back on the market."

Although the breakup was a hard moment for Roman to go through, he managed to quickly pull himself back up. After a brief time as a single man and suggesting he was very much back on the market, he started parading his new girlfriend at the start of the new year!

Who is Roman Kemp’s New Girlfriend?

After the split with his girlfriend from Greece, Roman was quick in search for a new girlfriend; he didn’t want to keep dwelling in his past.

However, he seems to have a thing for long distance relationships. The British celeb has been reportedly dating a Swiss neurosurgeon named Anne-Sophie Flury since the start of 2018.

Things between the pair have been progressing very well, with both of them making time for each other. From special days like Valentine to regular days, the duo has been flaunting their romance.

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Distance-No-Problem: Roman Kemp & his Swiss girlfriend, Anne-Sophie Flury enjoy a passionate kiss in swimming pool, on 30 July 2018 (Photo: Roman Kemp's Instagram)

Both Roman and his genius girlfriend are career driven, and it seems that their dating life is getting an upgrade. In April 2018, a source revealed to Pressreader, stating that his girlfriend had wanted him to meet her family and friends. Other than that, he can be seen flaunting his new found love on his Instagram with him posting a number of pictures which show him and his girlfriend enjoying the best of times with each other. Could love finally be in the air?

As of now, no distance seems to be able to keep them apart! From the looks of it, Roman could have possibly found the perfect partner in crime in his new girlfriend. But we can never be too certain of anything. All we can do is hope for the best.