American commentator Laura Ingraham brought bundles of joys to her viewersfrom different parts of the world while her personal life remained obscure. 

The Glastonbury native is one of the most influential and controversial conservative political commentators today.

The hardline analysis she provides for various civic events through her radio program The Laura Ingraham Show and Fox News' The Ingraham Angle is magnificent.

Talk With Trump: Laura Ingraham travels to the White House for an exclusive interview with President Trump, getting his thoughts on the migrant caravan, potential 2020 opponents, and battling 'fake news.' (Published: Oct 29, 2018)

The veteran presenter has often been criticized for big mouthing on certain issues. But she doesn't seem to be intimidated by the critics and continues to raise her bold voice. 

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Laura Ingraham's Bio: Parents & Education

Laura was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut on June 19, 1963, as Laura Anne Ingraham to a middle-class family. Her parents were of Irish and English ancestry.

Her father is a WWII veteran. Her mother's parents were Polish immigrants. She shares her parents with three brothers. 

The TV personality attended Glastonbury High School in Connecticut and graduated in 1981. She later went to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire to earn her bachelor's degree. Continuing her education, she earned a doctorate in law from The University of Virginia School of Law in 1981

During her senior year at Dartmouth College, she worked as the editor in chief for a conservative newspaper, The Dartmouth Review. And seemingly, she has remained attached to conservative politics ever since. 

Look In Laura Ingraham's Career

Before heading for media, she worked as a speechwriter for the Regan administration. Her first association with the press came with MSNBC, where she hosted the program Watch It!.

In 2001, she became the radio sensation with her show, The Laura Ingraham Show, where she analyzed the political scene and provided brilliant insight to conservative politicians. 

The radio program became an instant hit and made her a notable name in the field of political commentating.

Apart from her daily podcast, she appeared in various TV shows, including The O'Reilly Factor, where she was a frequent guest speaker. After impressing the Fox News' bosses through her guest appearances, she was given her play on the Fox Network, The Ingraham Angle, in 2017.

Laura Ingraham Is Not Free From Controversy

She first courted criticism during her college days when as an editor for a conservative magazine.

She sent some reporters to cover the small gay meeting in the college, and she duly published the full transcript of the closeted meeting outing the students as gay in the mid-1980s.

However, the hardline conservative accepted in a 1997 column on Washington Post that her brother coming out as gay changed her perception towards the gay community. 

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Always a stone's throw from controversy, she courted one when she mocked Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg on her Twitter on March 28, 2018. However, after receiving widespread backlash about her comments, she was forced to apologize for her remarks.

Previously her unwavering support for Donald Trump and a tough stance on immigrants had earned her flak from various quarters. 

Apart from that, her own assistant Karolina Wilson claimed to have been mistreated she was pregnant. Wilson was Laura's personal assistant and oversaw most of her professional and sometimes personal work.

Things were going well until Karolina became pregnant. That's when the trouble started to begin. Karolina claims that she was not provided the necessary support and was fired on the first day back from maternity leave.

She also claimed that proper facilities were not provided by Laura and her company during her pregnancy. This opted Karolina to sue Laura and her company Ingram Media Group. Laura, however, has denied such claims. 

The controversies do not stop there. Her own bother called her a monster due to her views on immigrants and her unwavering support for Donald Trump.

Her brother Curtis Ingram has shown his dissatisfaction towards his sister's views by posting a number of tweets where he speaks about Laura's views. 

Further along, Laura's views on immigration and immigrants have come back to haunt her a number of times. As per Laura, she feels immigrants have stolen jobs and fueled crimes, but she has not taken into consideration that her own daughter is an immigrant. 

What Is Laura Ingraham's Net Worth?

Laura is an elite professional in the political news media. She makes the best use of the platform to voice her opinions. What's more, she also writes about her perspective and analysis in her books. 

Laura is an established author of many best-selling books such as, The Hillary Trap: Looking For Power in All The Wrong Places, Power To The People, The Obama Diaries, among others. 

She has earned immense respect as a veteran in the field. Another value she has garnered in her consistent career is a net worth of $45 million. 

No Hint Of Husband Nor Married; But Happy With Adopted Children

Laura has dated numerous high-profile men in her time. She briefly flaunted her romance with liberal pundit Keith Olbermann before turning her head towards filmmaker and political commentator Dinesh D’Souza. However, that relationship was short lived as well, eventually ending in a break up. 

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After Dinesh, Laura was engaged and all set to get married to businessman James Reyes. After dating men from showbiz, a businessman seemed to be the perfect fit for Laura, and finally, it looked like James was to be her ideal husband. 

However, the engagement petered out, and the couple walked separate ways shortly after their engagement. She was also reportedly dated senator Robert Torricelli. 

Despite not having any serious or lasting relationship, she is big into children. She has adopted three children: a girl Maria from Guatemala, and two boys, Michael, and Nikolai from Russia.

Laura's love for her children is evident by the fact that she has adopted not one but three kids from deprived parts of the world. 

A single mom working full time to honor her commitments, Laura is balancing her family life perfectly with her professional life.