American actress, Kellita Smith ageless face hasn't shown any signs of giving up to the laws of aging. In a recent interaction with a fan, she has revealed secrets behind her never-aging skin.

The 49-year-old actress rose into prominence after debuting as Wanda McCullough -- Bernie Mac’s Wife in the FOX sitcom The Bernie Mac Show. Currently, she has been in the limelight for her lead role as Roberta Warren in the American apocalyptic comedy series Z nation which is on its 5th season in 2018.

New Season: Kellita Smith posts updating about new episode of Z-Nation (Photo: Kellita Smith's Instagram| 24 November 2018)

She also stars in the American sitcom In The Cut which is on its fourth season. Her other recent memorable effort seems to have come as a guest appearance on Hell’s Kitchen in 2017 and an appearance playing the role of a Sergeant in 2015’s cult classic Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

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Besides acting, Kellita does stand-up comedy and also appears as a model for various fashion houses like Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Black Men, and more.

Kellita Smith's Bio: Did It All--Acting, Modelling & Stand-Up Comedies

She possesses an associate degree in political science from Santa Rosa Junior College and after her college, she made her first foray into show-biz happens to be as a model for fashion brands.

She transitioned into acting on stage with a regional production of Tell It Like It Tiz. She would then go on to feature in plays such as No Place to be Somebody, Feelings, The Thirteen Thorn and One Woman Two Lives. For her performance in Feelings, she won an NAACP Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1996.

The Chicago native made her television debut on an episode of In Living Color titled Dirty Little Dick in 1993. In the subsequent years, she made a regular appearance on Martin(1994-1995), Sister, Sister(1995), Malcolm and Eddie(1997), The Jamie Foxx Show(1997-1999) and The First Family(2012-2015).

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Also appearing as a guest, she has featured on Living Single(1993), Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper(1994), The Wayans Bros(1996), The Parent ‘Hood(1997), The Steve Harvey Show(1999) and NYPD Blue(2001).

House Party 3 is Kellita’s first movie despite not being named in its credit. From then, she went on to do a slew of television films as well as feature films: The Crossing Guard(1995), Kingdom Come(2001), King’s Ransom(2005), Feel The Noise(2007) and Imperial Dreams(2014), to name a few.

Kellita Smith’s Net Worth In 2018

Having been in the entertainment industry since 1993, Kellita Smith has been involved in various on-screen projects which have helped her earn a fortune for herself. Besides acting, she has also done modeling shoots for high-end magazines like Vanity Fair and many more which also pays extremely well.

As of now, she is playing the lead role in the series Z-nation which is on its fifth season. And per each episode, she earns a salary of $30,000. 

Accumulating all of her fortunes, she boasts a hefty net worth of $3 million.  

Troubled Family History Shapes Her Stern Views

Born on January 15, 1969, Kellita was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her family later moved to Oakland, California. She was raised alongside with her twin brother, Eric in Oakland, California by her mother, Honey Smith. She seems to have a close bond with her mother as evidenced by her mother’s day post on Instagram.

Honey's husband(Kellita's father) was in the army and had left the family to fight the war in Vietnam when she was just a baby girl. Because of her father’s career, her parent's marriage was put on a lot of strain which eventually led to divorce.

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The divorce seems to have hit Kellita the hardest in her family and has led to her having such antipathy in romantic relationships.

Not Getting Married And Lack Of Husband--Key To Antiaging

For her, the idea of a perfect family with a husband and kids living in a house surrounded by a picketed fence is as farfetched as the concept of the sun rising from the west.

On 18 May 2018, replying to a fan’s tweet, she credited her ageless skin to doing what she loved, smiling more often and having never got married.

Marriage: Kellita lets her secrets out behind her ageless skin on Twitter in May 2018 (Photo: Kellita Smith's twitter) 

The Z Nation star has a first-hand account of dealing with a failing marriage. Witnessing what had transpired between her married parents before their divorce must have left a sour taste on her mouth for her to shame the institution of marriage publicly. 

Sins of the father rarely fall on the daughter, but when it does, the daughter admonishes the concept of being happily married; she questions the institution of marriage and relishes independence.