American Actress Rosario Dawson had a gay label hanging around her sexuality. The rumors caught fuel when she had a daughter without any signs of a husband or a partner in her life.

Rosario Isabel Dawson is a political activist, comic book writer, producer, and singer. According to the wiki sources, she is best known for her roles in He Got Game (1998), Men in Black II (2002), 25th Hour (2005), Rent (2005), Unstoppable (2010).  Dawson won the Sattelite Award for Best Supporting Actress for the 2005 movie Rent and was nominated for the Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Actress in a Comedy. 

Luke Cage: Rosario and Mike film the scene for the Marvel's Luke Cage in New York in November 2016 (Photo:

Rosario's career has seen her depict wide-ranging roles in a variety of platforms, movie, small screen, theatre, and music videos. Blessed with perfect measurements, a slender figure and a decent height of 5 feet and 10 inches (2.1 meters), Rosario began her quest for the top of Hollywood in 1995.

Rosario kick-started her career by appearing in an independent drama Kids in the year 1995. After three years she teamed up with Prince for the re-release of his 1980's hit 1999. A year later, she appeared in The Chemical Brothers music video Out Of Control.

In the year 2001, she appeared in the movie Josie and the Pussycats as a band member, Valerie Brown. She portrayed the character of Naturelle Rivera in the 2002 film drama, Spike Lee and bride of Alexander the Great in the 2005 movie Alexander.

In 2002, she appeared on the stage as Julia in the Public Theater's Shakespeare in the Park. With that, she was in the 2005 popoular musical Rent as the exotic dancer Mimi Marquez and portrayed Gali in the film Sin City. 

In 2008 she starred opposite, Hollywood A-lister with Will Smith in the movies Eagle Eye and critically acclaimed Seven Pounds.

Adding to that, Rosario has been called out to cast as the lead role in the USA Network drama pilot, Briarpatch in July 2018. The series is based on the novel written by Ross Thomas. 

Rosario will be playing as Allegra Pick Dill who's a tenacious and highly-skilled investigator working for an ambitious senator. She won't just be starring but will serve as a producer too. 

Author Andy Greenwald adapted Briarpatch for television and is intending to produce with the director of 'Mr. Robot', Sam Esmail through the production companies, Universal Cable Productions, and Paramount Television.

Rosario currently appears in the Marvel-Netflix universe as Claire Temple. She confirmed in July 2018 that she wouldn't be appearing on the second season of Iron Fist following her indication of looking to move forward from Marvel's Netflix shows.

With such a succesful career, it is safe to say that Rosario Dawson enjoys a handsome net worth and a double-figure salary. With a handful of career, she is estimated to have a net worth of $16 million.

Furthermore, she is an active philanthropist and a supporter of several charities. She donates some amount of her earning to organizations like Amnesty International and The Lower East Side Girls Club

Born on 9 May 1979 in the Big Apple City, her mother Isabel Celeste is a writer and a singer. Isabel conceived Rosario at the young age of 16 and never married her biological father Patrick C. Harris. Her mother married Greg Dawson when she was just one and was raised by him as her child.

When it comes to her love life, she has been linked to various famous personalities. She has dated a plethora of persona from singers Jay-Z (2000), to actors, Gerard Butler (2007) and Colin Farell (2004). Her long list of suitors also contained acclaimed directors Quentin Tarantino (2006) and Danny Boyle (2012-13).

Even after being linked to many stars Rosario has not turned any of her relationships serious. She has no one to call a husband.

Whatsmore, her choice of adopting a girl rather than having one has seen her labeled with a gay tag. The gay labels attached on Rosario's bio is still lingering above her head so until, and unless she decides to speak about it, question marks keep hanging over her sexuality. 

Rosario Dawson Wants To Adopt, Shares Similar Passion

Despite having affairs with quite some stars, Rosario Dawson is single for now. However, she has an able partner in her adopted daughter Lola.

Mother-Daughter: Rosario Dawson and daughter Lola attend Refinery29’s “29Rooms: Turn It Into Art” at 106 Wythe Ave on 7 September 2017 in New York City (Photo:

The star adopted Lola in 2014 inspired by her father, who had accepted her as own when she was just a year old.

The star was always open to adopting and said she was giving adoption much thinking in 2008. Latina Mazagine quoted the star as saying:

"I always wanted to adopt kids cause my dad adopted me. That idea has stayed in the back of my head, but lately, I've been thinking about it more."

Dawson also says she and her daughter share the same passion revealing the pair enjoys events where style, culture, and technology unite. Although the actress has been private about her experiences as a mom, it is safe to say that she is having the best of her times with daughter.