Given her rising stardom, Katherine McNamara's life is always the subject of curiosity and constant media attention. The Shadowhunters star knows exactly how to deal with such scrutiny — posting pictures with a dummy, whom she calls her "quarantine boyfriend."

Her Quarantine Boyfriend Is Bob

When the pandemic forced everyone to quarantine, McNamara found a partner to spend time indoors — a dummy named Bob.

On March 17, 2020, she introduced Bob to her fans on Twitter and Instagram.

Calling Bob her quarantine boyfriend, the Arrow star quipped they were happy together. She also added that he was not much of a conversationalist and was shy, but still a brilliant listener. 

After the introduction, McNamara started posting short videos and pictures with Bob now and then. Some of her skits included the pair cooking, watching games, clicking photo booth pictures, and working out. 

In March 2020, she posted a video where she made Bob a punching bag and wrote they fought earlier that day. She also left a note that they worked the issue out. 

The humorous chemistry with her dummy boyfriend prompted some of her creative fans to create funny cartoons about them. 

Is Katherine McNamara She Dating Anyone?

McNamara is notoriously private about her romantic life. However, according to Datingcelebs and Celebscouples, she has been in a relationship with Pierson Fode since 2016. Fode is an American actor who is 30 years old as of this writing.

McNamara also maintains a lovely relationship with her co-stars, including her Shadowhunters colleague, Will Tudor. McNamara played Clary Fray in the series while Tudor portrayed Jonathan Morgenstern and Sebastian Verlac.

On Tudor's 34th birthday on April 11, 2021, the Maze Runner star penned a heartwarming message for him. She gushed about how he was an extraordinary person and how he made every moment they spent together special. 

Tudor soon commented on the post and thanked her wriitng, "love you" with a red heart emoji. This fuelled short-lived dating rumors.

Other than her friendly posts for her friends and co-stars, McNamara's social media is void of hints regarding her love life.

Katherine McNamara Values Education

McNamara shared about her education and how her family helped her shape her career while talking to The Creative Coalition in 2020. 

As per the interview, she was the black sheep in her family; most of her family members had analytical career paths. They were involved in the military, science, or mathematics field. 

But thanks to their company and homeschooling, she had a positive scope of education from a young age. By the time she was around eight, she knew she would pursue economics in the future. She graduated from high school at 14.

Meanwhile, she had been intrigued by arts as a ballet dancer, and her voracious hunger for knowledge wasn't satiated. So she pursued an acting program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Despite having analytical careers, her family members were artists and musicians themselves. They supported her even when she dropped out of the program to shoot a project in New York at 14. 

After moving to New York with her mom, the 25-years-old chose a different subject. Studying theatres and working at the same time wasn't possible, so she graduated in business administration from Drexel University at 17.

She once told We magazine that education meant a joyful experience and a way to broaden her horizon. She also revealed she was doing her master’s in literature as her next educational goal.