Justin Shearer's marriage was thought to be on the rocks after photo of him surfaced online with a mysterious girl. His marital life has been under the wraps after the girlfriend fiasco and looks like the relationship with his long-time wife might end up in divorce too. 

Justin aka Big Chief is an American street racer and television personality known for his role in the Discovery's show Street Outlaws, a part which he has reprised for eleven seasons. He also works for Midwest Street Cars Automotive which specializes in selling memorabilia.

Street Outlaw: Justin Shearer in an interview with the Detroit hood tv (Published on 26 December 2014)

He is also an established racer in the Oklahoma City street racing community, which is regarded as the street race capital of the States.

Justin Shearer Short Bio & Net Worth 

Justin Shearer aka Big Chief was born in 1980 at rolling hills of Louisville Kentucky and raised up in Oklahoma after his family moved places in 1992. He had his first taste of street racing as a nine-year-old when he made a short dash in his bike at Old Route 66 to watch street races.

However, he couldn't compete at those events because of his young age. This left Big chief with an insatiable thirst for racing which has followed him all his life. His family moved to Oklahoma when he was 12 years old and subsequently, he started exploring his knowledge about cars.

After initially establishing him as a daredevil rider and a custom car manufacturer in Oklahoma, his portfolio has now risen from a racer to race conductor. The go-to guy for racing in Oklahoma City area, the Big Chief is the one who everyone else must pass through for a racing permit. 

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Since 2013, Big Chief, who possess a height of 6 feet and 2 inches, has been the part of Discovery's reality show Street Outlaws. The show comprises of upgrading the classic cars through a series of modifications.

Through his reality show and his job at Midwest Street Cars Automotive office, he has amassed a considerable net worth of $2 million. 

Justin Shearer's Car Crash Left Him Injured In 2015

As a custom car manufacturer, Big Chief completely turned over the Pontiac LeMans from a sub-compact car to a high power beast and called it The Crow. The modification was a great achievement for Justin's career but, the Crow crashed entirely in a 2015 accident leaving the driver with a broken collarbone, a spinal injury, and pulmonary contusions.

Despite broken bones and a bruised body after the collision with Brian 'Chucky' Davis, the racer's enthusiasm for racing remained. In the aftermath of the accident, he penned a thankful message to his Facebook followers and updated them that he was doing fine and informed them that he would be back.

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Two years later, Chief debuted his new crow, now called Crow 2.0 which was a customized Pontiac GTO, super light and super fast then the Crow.

Justin Shearer Met His Wife At Gas Station 

In his love life, he had been together with his partner for almost two decades. He married Alicia Shearer on 29 September 2006 after they met in 1998 at a gas station. Talking about his first meeting with his wife to Discovery.com in December 2014, he said;

I met my wife Allicia when she came into the full service gas station I worked at when I was 18 years old. I instantly got nervous and I knew that I would have trouble with this girl... and I was right. I've been in trouble since that day!

He has two children from the relationship. In 2014, the father of two shared that his proudest moment was when he became "a father to his sons." 

Justin Shearer's Personal Life Under The Wraps, Divorced? 

Big Chief, who used to take up Instagram to share moments with his wife at the earliest possible opportunity, has not mentioned about his wife after 2016.

Happy Birthday: Justin Shearer wishes his wife on her birthday (Photo: Justin Shearer's Instagram| 18 August 2016)

When Chief was spotted in an Instagram post (now deleted) with his possible new girlfriend, Jacklyn Braasch, dark clouds hovered around his lovely marriage, and question marks were raised in their relationship. But, neither Big Chief nor Jacklyn has confirmed their relationship.

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 After the incident, the famous racer has remained silent about his relationship with his wife. Despite rumors of a divorce between the loved-up couple, there have been no confirmations from the pair. 

Currently, he only posts on Instagram about cars and his son but no trace of new pictures wife in his IG anywhere. We just hope everything is fine between the couple!