American journalist Jemele Hill has been blissfully dating a boyfriend amid rumors of dating her co-star. But she has kept a low key dating life.

The Detroit native is famously known to be a sports reporter for the ESPN website The Undefeated.  Her fame as a reporter got enriched when she got promoted to host the network’s flagship show Sportscenter with  Michael Smith in 2017.

Job Calls: Jemele Hill and co-anchor Michael Smith in the set of Sportscenter (Photo:

42-year-old Jemele initiated her career in journalism by joining the Raleigh News & Observer in May 1997. After working for 18 months, Jemele was hired as a sports writer to report on Michigan State football and basketball for Detroit Free Press. She also covered 2004's Summer Olympics and NBA playoffs.

In 2011, Jemele teamed with Michael Smith to host their first podcast His & Hers and talk about various topics including sports, equality, politics and lesbian rights. The podcast became a success, and ESPN added Jemele on Smith's show Numbers Never Lie which was later rebranded as His & Hers in 2013. Jemele along with Michael became the co-anchors of ESPN's show Sportscenter in February 2017.

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Jemele Hill And ESPN Split: To Do With Trump!

The anchor has remained fearless at putting her points forward. But this demeanor charged her a departure from ESPN when she was accused of violating the network's social media guidelines as she was censured for calling president Donald Trump a “white supremacist” in her tweets in September 2017. One year hence, and she is no more in the channel. The revelation of her departure was obtained via her tweet on 14 Sep 2018. 

Good Bye ESPN: Jemele Hills reveals her departure from ESPN on her last day on the channel. (Photo: Jemele Hill's Twitter)

The farewell post sparked views on ESPN transforming from a sports channel into a political one. On this regard, some of her followers came to her defense while some other bombarded hatred. 

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After calling quits on almost 12 years long ESPN career, Jamele wants to try her luck behind the scenes, creating scripted or unscripted content for shows and movies other than sports. 

Did Jemele Turn Co-worker Into Boyfriend?

Jemele, who was born on 21 December 1975, got romantically linked with her co-worker, Michael Smith due to their close relationship with each other as colleagues. Their dual appearance in TV and also in various events fueled up the rumors of their dating. When the rumors started the hype in media, Jemele clarified her relationship with Michael claiming that he was not her boyfriend. She stated that he was just a co-worker and a good friend. 

Moreover, Jemele joked about dating English actor Idris Elba. Jemele appears to have a huge crush on the actor as she time and again posts about him on her social media. Back in December 2012, she had posted a tweet writing that she was married to Idris in her mind but not in real life. 

Though Jemele openly talks about her crush, Idris, she has been keeping her real-life relationship low-key. Jemele is dating a handsome hunk whom she calls as "Ole Boy.' She timely updates her social media accounts with the glimpses of their relationship but also makes sure to not publicize the identity of her boyfriend. 

Jemele Hill Smitten With Prospective Husband

Jemele started posting pictures with her boyfriend, "Ole Boy" since 2016.  But she had not revealed the information on how their love life blossomed and when they started dating. 

Jemele has also concealed the real name of her boyfriend to date. Though, she never drops a word, her social media hints that she spends quality times together with her boyfriend whose Instagram name is "woodbigsity." They celebrate special occasions and attend various events together as well. 

Red Carpet: Jemele Hill attends 2017's ESPY's Awards with boyfriend on 12 July 2017 (Photo: Jemele Hill's Instagram)

One of such instances is when Jemele and her boyfriend attended The ESPY's Awards in 2017 as a couple. Jemele even took a moment for the party and shared it with her followers on Instagram on 14 July 2017. 

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Moreover, the lovebird's relationship appears to be going smoothly even in 2018. Jemele had Instagrammed a picture with Ole Boy On 1st January 2018, and wrote, "Ringing in the New Year with people you love ."

The posts and updates are evident that the pair is so in love with each other. However, it is unsure when the pair is planning to get married and pronounce each other as husband and wife.