Gabriel Iglesias, also known as Fluffy, has a performing career with his ongoing show Mr. Iglesias and scheduled tours. While his career has been great, Iglesias' love life hasn't exactly been steady.

Iglesias is currently single, and the only person who came close to being his wife was his ex-girlfriend Claudia Valdez. 

Iglesias' Relationship with Valdez

The American comedian and Valdez were in a long-term relationship. Valdez is an actress who made an appearance in the 2010 horror sci-fi movie, Monsters.

The pair met each other at an event of 'A Wish for Animals' held in January 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Valdez had a 10-year-old son, Frankie, from her previous relationship, but that didn't stop the duo from hitting it off.

Soon, the pair moved in together. Iglesias eventually adopted Valdez's son and became his bonus dad. They co-parented the Frankie and raised him together in California.

The happy family of three seemingly suffered when Iglesias struggled to balance his work and personal life in 2017. His emotional issues led him to alcoholism, and that worsened the situation. 

To cope with all the pressure and reform himself, Iglesias stepped down from his professional commitments while trying to kick his drinking habit.

By the time he gained some control over his life, he had lost Valdez.

After over 12 years of staying together, the pair parted ways in July 2020. Although their separation was after The Fluffy Movie star's emotional turmoil, neither he nor his ex-girlfriend commented on the reason for their split.

Thankfully, the separation from his partner didn't sever Iglesias' relationship with his son. Instead, the bond fortified as he promised to make reforms for his sons.

While talking to People in 2020, he stated that being single again gave him a chance to focus on himself, his career, and his kid.

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His Online Dating Experience 

It's no surprise that ace comedians like Iglesias can use their life experiences and turn them into funny jokes. They can also fictionalize scenes to make it sound like it was a part of their actual life. 

In one of his comedy skits shared on YouTube in April 2020, Iglesias opened up about his online dating experience. He revealed how he once mistakenly chatted to his sister, thinking she was someone else.

Asking all his audience to be extra careful while dating through the internet, he shared how a girl he thought was pretty was entirely different from her online profile. 

Iglesias joked about how he once dated a woman who claimed she was Latina. But when he met her, he found out she was black. Disappointed, he asked the girl why she was lying. The girl got mad and said her name was Latina!