Influencer Gabbie Hanna gained her career online by posting 6 second long short videos on Vine. After earning a massive following on Vine, she moved on to YouTube, where she currently has 5.69 million subscribers. Her hilarious comedy videos have garnered over one billion views. 

Despite having such a public media presence, she has been quite private about her dating life and has only been in one public relationship so far. Here are all details about her dating history.

Hanna’s Current Boyfriend

The YouTuber officially confirmed her first public relationship with Payton Saxon in November 2019. She posted a photo of her and her current boyfriend on her Instagram, joking that she was taking a break from posting about her being single since she was finally dating someone who was perfect and made her laugh.


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Since then, the couple has frequently been seen posting adorable pictures of themselves on their social media. Recently Hanna shared a photo of the duo celebrating Easter together, confirming that they were still happy and strong.

Hanna’s Past Relationships

In 2018, Hanna had been in an abusive relationship, which she talked about in several YouTube videos. In a 36-minute video titled 'I Dated a Pathological Liar,' she explained the emotional abuse she faced and how it negatively impacted her mental health. 

According to the YouTuber, he would frequently hang out with other girls behind her back and had even lied about his profession.

The guy manipulated Hanna, saying he met one particular girl on Tinder before their relationship started. He offered to cut off his friendship with this girl if it made Hanna uncomfortable, to only see the girl behind her back.

Hanna said he later confessed he only did it to make her jealous and never really wanted a relationship of any kind with that girl. It was lies like these that eventually led to their split.

She revealed in an interview that her EP 2WayMirror was based on a relationship she had with another ex-boyfriend. The record contained voice memos which made it personal and mixed well with the emotional tone of the album. She further revealed that her ex-boyfriend was okay with her using those clips and was very supportive. However, we do not know who the mystery man is.  

Controversies And Scandals

Hanna has been under public scrutiny many times because of her controversies and many feuds with several YouTube creators.


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Hanna and Trisha Paytas have been in a feud with each other for some time now. The feud began in November 2019 when Hanna asked her Instagram followers if it was wrong to tell a friend that the person they were in a physical relationship with had STD if a close friend of the person with the transmitted disease had told her first. 

Paytas then uploaded a video, 'WHY I DON'T TRUST GABBIE HANNA,' where she said that Hanna had previously texted Paytas' then-boyfriend Jason Nash and told him that Paytas had herpes.

Paytas confirmed she never had herpes. Hanna defended herself on Twitter, saying it was not her business to know if Paytas had herpes, but it was her business to warn a friend that he might be at risk. 

Recently, in February 2021, Hanna had invited Paytas onto her podcast to resolve their issues. It seemed like the two buried the hatchet; however, Paytas ended up blocking Gabbie shortly after the episode went live.

Paytas claimed Hanna had sent a voice memo to her the very next day, admitting she shared had not been truthful and needed help. Hanna did not appreciate this and took to Instagram live dragging Paytas and calling her a liar. 

Hanna has been very aggressive on Twitter, for the most part, this year. Not only her fans, but she had also been arguing with ‘Drama Commentary Channels’ like Angelika Oles. Hanna had made headlines because of her lashing out at critics of her book Adultolescence.

Previously, she had also been called out for back choosing a molester over her friend Jessi Smiles, where Smiles had accused Curtis Lepore of molesting her.   

What is Hanna Currently Up To

Though active on Twitter and Instagram, Hanna has not posted a single video on her main channel, The Gabbie Show, since early January. 


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She has found success with music and writing in the past year. She released her first poetry book titled Adultolescence in September 2017, a New York Times Bestseller, and released another titled Dandelion on October 2020.

She stepped into the music industry with her debut single 'Out Loud' in 2017, and as of 2020, she has released many singles and two EPs. Her EP, 2WAYMIRROR, hit #3 on the iTunes chart, #4 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums Chart, and #5 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart.