People who live their teenage love fantasies for real life equivalent to a fairy tale. And when the story involves plots where love finds a way to the destined one, then the dimension it holds is majestic. Similarly, Chandie Yawn-Nelson lives life as such and has a whole romantic angle to recite on how her love found a way to her joy, Joey Lawrence.

Chandie landed in the public eye soon after she married American actor/host, Joey Lawrence. The life that followed has been as joyous as possible for both the married couple.

Here are some wiki/facts about Chandie Yawn-Nelson ranging from her bio and age to net worth and kids.

1. Chandie Yawn-Nelson Bio (Age)

The famous wife of Hollywood star, who doesn’t fancy social networking sites, has maintained a tendency to remain distant from public appearance as much as she can.

But the fact that she is the owner of an everlasting charm is not a secret which can fool the truth of her age. She looks a lot younger for her age of 42 and runs in the same line with her husband on this regard.

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As a celebrity wife, Nelson is supposed to buzz in the media. But the only bits put on the show from her part is exclusively her marital life.

Even her date of birth is kept to herself, let alone the details on her early life. The only public appearance she makes is by her husband's side.

Heart Is Where The Husband Is: Joey Lawrence and Chandie Yawn-Nelson attend Entertainment Weekly's 5th Annual Emmys Celebration on 15 September 2018. (Photo: Getty Images)

The love story the two are the subject of is worth being recalled again and again 

2. Joey Lawrence Found His Way Back To Chandie Yawn Lawrence

The belief about universe uniting to manifest destiny for the match made in heaven might sound too good to be true. But, in the context of Joey and Chandie, it did come true. Lucky them.

The duo met as teenagers during a Disney holiday. They even set up an ice cream date. The teenage romance didn’t have hopes of flourishing back then, and the first meeting remained a mere collision of two strangers.

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The dates went their separate ways, and over the years Joey married Michelle Vella in 2002 only to sign divorce in the third year of marriage. The separation worked its way to unite two ‘made for each other.'

After about three months of officially calling quits on former marriage, Joey tied knots with Chandie in the Disneyland wedding venue on 3 July 2005.

The fate revolved around, uniting the couple in the very place they had their first encounter. And now the husband-wife have found a pace to complement one another, building legacy bound to last ages. 

3. Chandie Yawn-Nelson's Net Worth: Just Numbers

The happy married life blessed Joey Lawrence and Chandie with two beautiful kids. They welcomed their second daughter, Liberty Grace in 2010, four years after bringing into the world, their first baby girl, Charli in 2006.

Family: Joey Lawrence with With family of four-Wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson and kids (Photo:

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The family of four has a lot of love to value that Joey’s millions net worth was nothing more than a seven-figure number. The family is just doing fine even after the net worth is cursed by bankruptcy resulting in a negative number. 

And for Candie's value, it would be love she treasures as a wife and a mother of two.