Fashion designer Angel Brinks went through a series of failed relationships facing some devastating loss and finally put an end to her fickleness as she raised the curtains for her new boyfriend.

Angel Brinks is best known for her appearance in season four and five of American reality television series, Basketball Wives LA, that premiered in August 2011 on VH1.

Here are some enthralling wikis on Angel Brinks’ age, net worth, fashion career and her boyfriend.

1. Angel Brinks’ Bio: Age & Fashion Designing Career

Born on 19 October 1982, Angel Brinks was raised in an Armenian-Italian family. She had a passion for designing from an early age.

Her family weren’t a bit supportive of her interest in fashion and would always push her to study medicine or law. The 35-year-old designer would go to thrift stores and buy items and sew them together with her grandmother’s sewing machine.

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Angel continued to defy her parents’ wishes and often sneaked out to take dance classes. Eventually, she stepped closer to her dream as a she got to become a background dancer for Jennifer Lopez.

Angel turned to her dream of participating in the fashion industry in 2010, and it wasn’t long before she achieved immense success and start her own line of fashion designing.

Today, Angel is a professional fashion designer who has a fashion brand called ‘Angel Brinks’ that has already completed its seven years of initiation and her designs are already worn by celebrities like Blac Chyna and Amber Rose.

2. Angel Brinks’ Massive Net Worth

According to sources, Angel Brinks has got an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Angel earns a considerable amount of fortune through her fashion brand by selling her designs. Non-celebrities can afford some of her designs while some are quite high priced.

She also earned some decent amount of money by appearing on the reality television series, Basketball Wives LA in the fourth and fifth season.

3. Angel Brinks’ Husband: Unexpected Loss

Being previously married, Angel only revealed about her husband in 2016 on Twitter mentioning about his passing away.

Her husband was a rapper who committed suicide while Angel was nine months pregnant. Any in-depth information on why he did it isn’t yet revealed.

However, it is known that Angel gave birth to her son, named Azari while mourning her husband’s sudden passing away.

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Her family supported her through a hard time and suggested her to focus on her baby. She was careful while her son started growing up and asked questions about his father.

But Azari soon got a father figure as Angel introduced a new romantic affair.

4. Angel Brinks’ Former NBA Boyfriend Tyreke Evans: New Baby Daddy

After going through a rough time for quite a while, Angel let go of the shackles of her past and found love again as she started dating NBA player Tyreke Evans.

The fact that Angel was dating Tyreke got her the chance to appear in Basketball Wives LA. The two had an on-off relationship that led to many people dissing Angel to the extent of calling her a gold-digger.

They shared a baby girl in 2014 and named her Amani. But they separated eventually and are on good terms with each other because of their daughter.

Amani seems to be living with her mother as Tyreke has never posted a single picture of his daughter on any social media sites.

Amani and her big brother Azari are really good friends, and Azari adores his baby sister.

Birthday Event: Angel posts a picture with her son and daughter as they head out to a birthday ball event on Instagram on 28 May 2018 (Angel Brinks’ Instagram)

Angel loves to dress her son and daughter in the unique and fashionable way possible. She even introduced a kids clothing line after her daughter’s name.

The designer was raising two kids on her own until August 2018, as Angel let the people know about her current boyfriend on Instagram.

5. Angel Brinks’ New Dedicated Boyfriend, Jackie Long  

Life was going alright for Angel when another exciting thing added up, and she revealed her recent partner on Instagram.

Quite The Loving Boyfriend: Angel posts a picture with her partner, Jackie Long on Instagram on 28 August 2018 (Photo: Angel Brinks’ Instagram)

Angel is dating actor and comedian, Jackie Long and fans have been hugely supportive about the relationship.

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Jackie Long is quite affectionate of Angel and fans haven’t missed out on that, filling the comments with love and appreciation for the pair.

From the looks of it, Angel may be thinking of staying dedicated to her current boyfriend and give her kids a complete family.