Model Alaina Meyer was kept into the full spotlight after being introduced as Johnny Galecki's girlfriend, and fans have become more curious about her as an individual.

Alaina Meyer is quite known as a model who has got a great fan base on Instagram. But mostly, she’s gaining attention as Johnny Galecki’s girlfriend.

Height Of Gained Attention: Alaina Meyer posts a picture on Instagram on the set of Big Bang Theory alongside Amanda Lunt and boyfriend, Johnny Galecki on 7 September 2018 (Photo: Alaina Meyer’s Instagram)

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She has got a sister who she doesn’t hesitate to call her best friend. Her sister got married in July 2018.

Alaina Meyer’s Bio: Age, Parents, Passion For Tattoos & Bikes

Alaina Marie Meyer is from San Diego, California. Her father used to be a member of the US Army Special, and he has written three books about his experience during the Vietnam War. However, the whereabouts regarding her mother remains confined.

Likewise, her early life isn’t much revealed but her Instagram posts hints on her love for horses and motorcycles.

The 21-year-old model has worked as a fabricator manager and embraces a wide range of tattoos on her hourglass figure.

She has got a massive tattoo on her right thigh and both of her arms. She posted a picture on Instagram showing off her tattoo on her arm that had Johnny’s initials along with the caption, ‘Gone country and branded by my babe.’

In the picture, Johnny as well had his hand tattooed with Alaina’s initials.

What is Alaina Meyer’s Net Worth?

Alaina’s must be making a decent amount of money through her modeling career.

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However, her net worth isn’t revealed but her boyfriend Johnny has got an estimated net worth of $50 million, and if the two proceed further into their relationship, they might be sharing the same wealth.

Alaina Meyer Is Dating Big Bang Theory Star Boyfriend, Johnny Galecki: Soon-To-Be Married?

After swirling rumors of Alaina’s romantic relationship with Johnny Galecki made way, the actor made it officially as he gazed lovingly at Alaina while embracing her on a photo he posted via Instagram on 18 September 2018.

The couple is supposed to have been dating since August 2018 as Johnny posted a picture of himself hugging a woman with a tattoo on her thigh on the beach.

Just Get Married: Alaina romantically locks eyes with boyfriend, Johnny on 18 September 2018 (Photo: Johnny Galecki’s Instagram)

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Alaina and her boyfriend have got an enormous age gap of 22 years, but that doesn’t seem to bother them at all. The two are often color coordinating their outfits and share a similar interest in music as they attended the Jack White concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl in August 2018.

And while the two have only just revealed their dating status, fans have already been willing to know if they’ll be getting married soon. If the couple does plan on pronouncing wedding vows, let’s hope Alaina keeps her social media updated.