Tytyana Miller was born into fame and prosperity as the daughter of a famous father but now well into her adult age; she hasn't been able to make the name of her own--unlike her siblings. Does Tytyana not want fame? Or there are other reasons?

Tytyana is mostly known for being the daughter of American musician and actor Percy Miller, or Master P as he is more commonly known as. Master P has numerous best-selling hip-hop albums and has acted on films like Gone in Sixty Seconds, I Got the Hook Up, Soccer Mom, etc. His most recent movie entry is the sequel to his 1998 crime-comedy, I Got the Hook Up 2.

I Got the Hook Up 2: Tytyana Miller's father, Percy Miller, reprises his famous role of Black in an upcoming movie I Got the Hook Up 2 (Published on 21 September 2018)

We provide you here with some lesser known wikis about Tytyana Miller, including her age, height, movies, TV Shows, net worth, and information about her parents and siblings.

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1. Tytyana Miller's Wiki-Like Bio: Age, Height, Parents & Siblings

On 15 June 1995, Tytyana Miller was born to the famous parents, musician and actor Percy Miller and his producer/director ex-wife Sonya Miller. Tytyana grew up in a very large family with seven siblings, including famous rapper Romero Miller and actress Cymphonique Miller.

Tytyana stands a tad-taller taller than an average American woman's height.

2. Both Of Tytyana's Parents Were Successful In Hollywood

Tytyana’s father was a very famous star in America with multiple talents; he was a former basketball player, musician, record producer, actor, businessman, and philanthropist, who has over the years amassed a massive net worth of $ 200 million (according to the wikis).

Peter initially gained fame as a rapper with the success of his hip-hop music group TRU, his solo albums like Ice Cream Man, and his singles like Make ‘Em Say Uhh! Apart from the success in music, Peter has also starred in numerous movies like I Got The Hook Up, Soccer Mom, Gone in Sixty Seconds, etc.

Her mom, Sonya Miller, although not as famous as her husband, was successful in her own way and is known for the TV shows like Material Girls, Kitchen Accomplished, etc.

3. Her Parents Divorced After 24 Years Of Marriage & Seven Children

In 2013, after 24 years of successful marriage and seven children together, Tytyana’s father and her mom decided to go their separate ways. Apparently, the couple was already separated a little over a year before Sonya officially filed for a divorce.

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The divorce was an ugly affair as Tytyana's father and mom fought for the custody of their four minor children, and Sonya asked a hefty sum for the child support. However, the actual proceedings of the trial were not disclosed.

4. Tytyana's Siblings Have Followed Their's Parents' Foots

Following their parents' path to success, many of the Miller siblings have gone on to become a successful Hollywood star.

Tytyana's elder brother Romeo is a famous American rapper, whose very first single, My Baby, went on to become a certified platinum hit, and whose debut album, Lil' Romeo, charted at number six in Billboard 200. He also appears on reality TV show, Growing Up Hip-Hop.

Miller Siblings: Tytyana Miller with her brother Romero Miller and sister Itali Miller (Photo: gettyimages.com)

Tytyana's younger sister, Cymphonique Miller, is also a star actor, most famous for her role of Kacey Simon in Nickelodeon sitcom How To Rock.

5. Unlike Her Siblings, Tytyana Hasn't Been Able To Make It To The Hollywood, Why?

While many of her siblings have appeared on Percy Miller’s family reality show, Master P’s Family Empire, Tytyana was robbed of that opportunity to make her name in the Hollywood.

One possible reason appeared on TV show Growing Up Hip Hop, where Tytyana's father and brother, Romeo, star. In one episode Tytyana's father talked to her about taking her to rehab to rid her of the drug addiction.

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While drug addiction might be only a part of the reason Tytyana is not a Hollywood star yet, but we do hope that she gets over her addiction--and hopefully enters Hollywood.