American rapper Miss Mulatto started young as a rapper and it’s amazing how much success she has achieved over her career. Along with her career as a rapper, she also found love with a rapper whom she met for a long time.

The multi-talented Miss Mulatto is an American musician, rapper, entrepreneur, writer, performer, and promoter who is most prominently known for winning the Lifetime reality series The Rap Game.

Young Rapper: Miss Mulatto's best moment in season 1 of the show The Rap Game (Published on 14 April 2017)

Besides the reality series she is also involved in the music industry, she has worked on a couple of songs including a single out in iTunes, No More Talking under So So Def Records. She has also released a number of mixtapes which has been featured on the radio.

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She has also worked with several notable names like Janelle Monae and 2 Chainz and has her own retail clothing boutique store which she titled Pittstop Clothing.

Miss Mulatto Left High School And Enrolled In Online Private School

Miss Mulatto whose real name is Alyssa Michelle Stephens was born on 22 December 1998 at Ohio and grew up with her mom, dad and two sisters Brooklyn and Kay. She is very close with her family and often posts about them on her social media. She considers her mom a role model and aspires to be like her.

Mother-Daughter: Miss Mulatto tweets appreciating her mom (Photo: Miss Mulatto's Twitter)

Exuberant as a kid, Mulatto attended Lovejoy High School in Clayton County where she used to sell candy at school and drag race. But life had much more big things planned out for the high-spirited girl which is why she left school and enrolled for an online private school.

Miss Mulatto Rose To Fame After Winning Hip-Hop Contest

She participated in the Lifetime reality series The Rap Game, a competition for young rhymers on the ATL hip-hop scene and went onto become the winner of Season 1.

After winning the show, her fame skyrocketed at a young age when show producer Dupri signed her on his record company So So Def Records. Her first song released was No More Talking and she has released a number of mixtapes too.  

After embracing success in the music industry many doors were opened for her, she also featured as a character in the children's book Oops I Danced My Diaper Off.

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As a child, she dreamt of becoming a stylist or a fashion designer someday and with entrepreneurial skills in her blood, she made her dream come true by opening a retail clothing boutique store, Pittstop Clothing.

In 2017 Miss Mulatto released her mix-tape with 16 songs Latto Let 'Em Know under her own label, PittStop Ent. And in July 2018 she even went onto release her own album named Mulatto.

Way to go Mulatto for achieving tons of achievements at such a young age!

Meet Miss Mulatto's Boyfriend -- Are They Still Dating in 2018?

When it comes to dating, she found love with someone she knew for a long time.

Miss Mulatto started dating her boyfriend, an American rapper, Bandit Gang Marco in August 2017 when she was of age 17. The couple knew each other since Mulatto was 12 years old and were very good friends before dating.

But in 2017, the pair broke up just 3 days before releasing her mixtape Time and Pressure in which they had collaborated on a song named Hurt together. The break up had Mulatto arise second thoughts on whether to release their song or not but she did at last and it was a hit.

In a YouTube video, Mulatto explained that the reason behind their break up was that they grew apart from each other. She also mentioned that they are and will remain good friends despite the breakup.

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Showing a sign that they’re still good friends, Miss Mulatto even released the video for the song in which they collaborated together. That gave us all kinds of feels towards the once cool couple.

 Mulatto x Marco: Miss Mulatto's music video for her song Hurt with Bandit G. Marco (Published on 27 March 2018)

But as after break up, neither of them has addressed about patching up so it’s a mystery whether the couple got back together or not!