It is indeed tough for a mother to juggle between a full-time job and a family life. But, Indo-American political adviser Neera Tanden, who has somehow managed to engineer the juggles, has her ever-supportive husband to thank for.

The Massachusetts-native stands out as the President of the Center for American Progress, a public policy research and advocacy organization in Washington, DC since November 2011. Before, she worked as a domestic policy adviser with various political leaders, most significant being for then President Barack Obama campaigns during presidential campaign and Clinton's policy director after her bid for the presidency in 2008.

Discussion: Neera Tanden discusses debate health care policy in America and addresses how it will impact the midterm elections (Published on 26 October 2018)

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Recently, she roled as a policy director for Hillary Clinton on her senatorial campaign in New York. 

How Much Salary Does Neera Tanden Earn From Her Job?

In the States, political adviser earns an average salary of $80,184 in a calendar year (according to Glassdoor).

Given the fact that Neera has been an expert on the field with more than decades of experience makes her gather remunerative salary.

Adding to that is her salary from working as the president of the Center for American Progress, the progressive public policy research and advocacy organization since 2011. The political analyst earned a high salary of $314,550 just in 2016. 

With her growing popularity and more experiences in the field, there is no doubt that she aggregates a robust net worth to support her living.

Neera Tanden's Bio (Age, Height); At Age 5, Her Father Parted Ways With Her Mother

Neera Tanden, who was born on 10 September 1970 in Boston, Massachusetts, comes from the family whose traditional culture and heritage are deeply rooted in India. She has a brother Raj Tanden who is just five years older than her.  

Ever since her childhood, she never got the privilege of parents guidance as her parents got divorced when she was just at the age of five.

After the separation, her mother, Maya Tanden had to face a lot of struggles and even had to work in a welfare program for almost two years before she secured a travel agent occupation.

Despite all the struggles she had to face, she never forgot the responsibilities of parents and guided both of her children to stand where they stand today.

And under her mother's guidance, Neera graduated with a B.A. degree from the University of California, Los Angeles UCLA in 1992 and later added Juris Doctor J.D. degree four years later from Yale University.

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As for her height, she is slightly taller for women from the Indian background and marginally smaller for women from the American background(from her social media flaunts).

Neera Thanked Her Husband, Benjamin Edwards Publicly; Lucky To Have Supportive Husband

It is hard to find a perfect pair for yourself when you have to prioritize more on your professional career.

Lucky for Neera Tanden as she first met her husband before she grew up professionally, at the University of California, Los Angeles while she was working with Michael Dukakis, former Governor of Massachusetts in 1992.

However, after almost seven years of seeing each other, the 47-year-old political analyst tied her nuptials with her husband Benjamin Edwards, American writer and visual artist in 1999.

The love-in-first-sight couple share even stronger bond after marriage and have broadened their family with the addition of two children; Jaden and Alina.

With a career in hand, Neera naturally finds it hard to give time to her family but, at the same time, she is fortunate enough as her husband has always been supportive of her.

Happy Fathers Day: Neera wishes her husband a happy fathers day for taking commendable care of their children (Photo: Neera Tanden's Twitter)

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Speaking more about balancing personal and professional life on Times of India interview (2007), Neera even revealed that her husband and children commanded her to spend some quality times off the work. â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹

And she thanked her husband for understanding the situations and being a very supportive husband.