Another day, another controversy for Zoe LaVerne.

LaVerne has had her share of history with using offensive slurs on camera and then apologizing later.

The first time she was exposed of such behavior was in September 2020. Then, she used the N-word while lip-syncing to a Nicki Minaj song.

The TikToker has now again been exposed of doing something similar.

Recently, she used the homophobic f-slur and the transphobic t-slur on video. LaVerne is now apologizing for her mistakes and providing her reasons for why that happened.

Zoe Laverne Used F-Slur on FaceTime

On April 21, 2022, zoegoneparty, a gossip Instagram account dedicated to LaVerne, posted a video from one of her FaceTime. While talking to someone, she called them the f-word.

She immediately recognized her mistake in doing so, covering her mouth with her hands. zoegoneparty provided context to the video in the caption.

"zoe is straight, she's said it before on live," the account wrote, justifying LaVerne's use of the word as derogatory and anti-LGBTQ.

Then, they pinpointed, "she's wearing her merch, it's recent." LaVerne wearing her merch apparently proves this FaceTime happened recently, and the video wasn't from the past.

The page also claimed the clip was "UNSEEN AND UNLEAKED."

Zoe LaVerne Apologized for Using F-Word and T-Slur

After this clip went around for a while, LaVerne apologized for her insensitivity on TikTok on April 22, 2022.

Going by her Instagram story, TikTok initially took down her apology but put it back on later.

In her apology, she first acknowledged she used the f-slur. She began by clarifying she was not asking for sympathy or forgiveness from anyone, saying, "that is totally up to you."

"I just wanted to formally apologize to the LGBTQ+ community if I offended them in any single way by saying the f-slur," she said.

As for why she made a mistake, she said she was under the influence. "I was intoxicated in the video," she clarified but also acknowledged that was not an excuse "whatsoever" for her offense. She just wanted to point it out.

"I completely lose myself when I am intoxicated," she added. "and sometimes I don't really know why I say things or why I do things."

She also spoke about the history of the slur she used and noted it was not something to be just thrown around carelessly. LaVerne assured she did not judge people based on who they were and whom they loved.

"I am not anywhere near homophobic," she confessed, understanding how saying the slur could have made her come across as one.

Ending the video, she reiterated she was sorry for what she said and promised to work to better herself.

She also apologized for using the transphobic t-slur in another video. zoegoneparty posted screenshots of her apology for that error, too.

In her apology, posted on her private account zlpfandom0.2, she admitted to using the t-slur and again confirmed she was intoxicated while she did so.

However, she later deleted her apology, which infuriated a lot of people. They expressed their anger and frustration on these posts, including her apology video from April 22.

Zoe LaVerne's now-deleted apology post for using the transphobic t-slur.

Zoe LaVerne's now-deleted apology post for using the transphobic t-slur. (Photo: zoegoneparty/Instagram)

Many opined that LaVerne simply did not care about her mistakes and she was sorry not because she made mistakes but because everyone else knew she made mistakes.

People also pointed out that her list of errors kept getting longer and that she needed to take some accountability for her actions.

A few even wanted her off social media. They asked her to stop drinking if she could not control herself while drunk. "if you say slurs when you get drunk then its definitely a common occurance," a user chimed in on one of the posts.

Before this, in September 2020, LaVerne was exposed of using the n-word while lip-syncing to a Nicki Minaj song in 2016.

In her defense, which many people considered weak and wrong, she said it was just a lip-sync and that saying the word was not a "big deal back then."

This just caused people to push back against her apology itself, which should have calmed everyone down.