Nicki Minaj's new collaboration with Coi Leray has not even had time to simmer down, and the internet is already rife with gay rumors. 

There is no truth to these rumors, obviously! 

Minaj, who once claimed that she was a bisexual, went back on her word and rapped she was a "hetero" way back. 

Still, netizens' Photoshop skills are nothing to be scoffed at. Take a look at this sensual snap that set the rumor mill ablaze. 

Nicki Minaj spurrs gay rumors thanks to photoshopped image with Coi Leary

Nicki Minaj's photoshopped image with Coi Leary (Source: Instagram)

Nicki Minaj & Coi Leray's Gay Rumors

The snap features Minaj straddling Leray with the latter songstress firmly groping Minaj's bottom.

Minaj's green thongs were on full display, and with her staring back directly at the camera, there is no mistaking it! She is Nicki Minaj!

However, as soon as one pays a slight bit of attention to detail, the edit quickly falls apart. The hands gripping on Minaj's behind are simply too muscular to be Leray's. 

Plus, the skin tones make little sense. 

Besides, haven't we seen that picture somewhere else?

Nicki Minaj with Her Husband

Mere hours before the lesbian frame went viral, Minaj had flaunted a photoshoot on her official Instagram handle. The slideshow featured a bunch of solo shots coupled with snaps with her husband, Kenneth Petty.

The iconic rapper's slides were tattered with sensual pictures, as always. 

The first snap was Minaj sitting on a cream-colored leather couch. Second, the husband donned a tricolor jacket as he side-hugged his wifey. 

In the third, things got spicy with Petty removing his jacket as Nicki straddled him, raising her skirt and showing off her green thong.

See if the image looks familiar. 

Nicki Minaj posing with her husband Kenneth Petty (Source: Instagram)

Nicki Minaj & Coi Leray Talk Sexuality

Just last week, Minaj and her so-called lesbian girlfriend got into a candid discussion about their sexuality over an Instagram stream.

When Minaj asked Leray if she was lesbian, she quickly responded that she liked men. Albeit, she did have gay relationships with women in the past. 

Then again, she didn't consider herself bisexual either. 

"It just wasn't for me," Leray said. "After I was in it, that's when I realized. I was like, listen, this is not for me. This is not my type of thing."

Leray wanted to be with men because she liked the aggression that came with it. 

"You know what it is, I like a man's touch," she professed. "I like aggression so a girl can't really give me that aggression."

That being said, she was not opposed to having a gay relationship in the coming days. 

Minaj didn't shy away from sharing about her own lesbian relationship from when she was a teenager. 

"You know I had my stage, right? So I had a boo when I was in high school and she was so, so, so, so cute," she said of her then-girlfriend. 

It was not the first time that Leray was at the center of a gay rumor. 

"My [expletive] looks a little, I guess, lesbian or tomboy or dykish or whatever they wanna call it," she said of her appearance, which she attributed to having grown up as the only girl in a family of boys.