Tionne Watkins, otherwise known as T-Boz, has recently put out a statement on her official Instagram account in the light of her latest controversy involving Nicki Minaj.

The drama started after an Instagram-based fan account recently posted a clip of rapper-singer Cardi B trying to get inside a nightclub.

While there was nothing suspicious in the actual report, T-Boz's now-deleted comment in the post caught everyone's attention.

The latest saga has ignited speculations of T-Boz's feud with Minaj.


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The Drama Involving T-Boz, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B

Earlier on December 05, 2021, an Instagram-verified fan account, the jasmine BRAND, posted a video clip of Cardi B trying to get inside E11EVEN, a nightclub in Miami.

In the clip, the rapper can be seen with her husband Offset in a crowded setting, saying, "Let the black woman in."

While nothing was suspicious in the actual report, T-Boz's random comment sparked controversy.

In her comment, singer T-Boz wrote, "Poor Nicki Minaj." Her writing was followed by four "face with tears of joy emojis."

T-Boz later went back to the same post and attempted to clarify the situation.

She claimed she did not write the comment herself and cited her account being hacked as the reason.

The singer said she was busy on a zoom call when the controversial social media response appeared on Instagram.

T-Boz wrote she "don't know what was said or whats happening," and affirmed to have "said nothing about" Minaj at all.

However, her justification did not seem to sit well with Instagram users who called her a "poor lying soul," and repeatedly asked her to "stop lying."

The account-was-hacked-narrative does not seem to please the online users who cast their doubts over her answer.

"Hacked & that's the ONLY comment that was made," wrote one user. While another sarcastically wrote, "Damn, you got your account back fast as hell."

T-Boz Have Posted an Instagram Apology

After fans refused to get along with her clarification, singer T-Boz was forced to provide an official statement titled "Account was Hacked." 

In her official Instagram statement, T-Boz wrote, 

Hey guys my account has been hacked and I never made that comment about Nicki Minaj I have no problem and never have had a problem with her.


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In the same post, she asked the fan accounts and fans to "stop" making a meal out of the matter.

Interestingly, the singer seems to have turned off the option to comment on her post.

T-Boz Has a History of Beef with Nicki Minaj

It's unclear whether T-Boz's current act is part of a diss thrown at Minaj, but she had taken multiple aims at the rapper in the past.

T-Boz's feud with Minaj dates back to 2012. According to Fox Nyc, Minaj was criticized by T-Boz for her involvement in hyper-sexualized musical acts.

In addition, the legendary singer threw some harsh words in a separate beef with Minaj.

In her criticism of Minaj for her involvement as a judge in the popular singing reality show American Idol, T-Boz said,

I don’t respect half the people I’ve seen lately. How the hell is she gonna tell me what I should be doing when her [expletive] can’t even sing. Why is she there?

During season twelve of Idol, famous judge Randy Jackson was confirmed for his twelfth season while Minaj joined a stellar cast of Mariah Carey and Keith Urban.

The later said duo, along with Minaj, had replaced the outgoing Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.