Nicki Minaj clapped back at haters who called her bitter for clarifying her version of the story on Jessie J's remarks on the ‘Bang Bang’ collaboration.

Minaj, Jessie, and Ariana Grande had worked together to record Max Martin's song back in 2014. Shortly after its release, the song became a hit, dominating Billboard's Hot 100 chart with its third position.

Jessie opened up about the origin of her hit songs, including 'Bang Bang,' to Glamour on August 5, 2021, and disclosed how she ended up collaborating with Grande and Minaj. 

But Minaj couldn't agree with all the versions of her events. So she spoke out her side of the story through Twitter, only to get labeled bitter and rude. 

Nicki Minaj Corrected Jessie J's Story

In her tell-all interview with Glamour, Jessie recalled how she and Grande were chosen to sing the song. She had recorded the first verse, and Grande did the second. 

Then, she claimed Minaj wanted to be on the song.

Nicki was played it in the studio and was like, ‘I’ve got to jump on this.’ We didn’t go to her and ask; she wanted to do it.

After talking about Minaj's entry into the collaboration, Jessie mentioned working with Minaj and Grande was phenomenal. She stressed that the song would never have had such an impact without them. 


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As soon as the interview made it to the internet, Minaj took to Twitter to respond to the story, correcting the part of how she joined the group. 

The Trinidadian rapper mentioned Jessie and stated that she didn't hear the song beforehand or ask to be on it. Minaj clarified the label offered the piece and paid to record it.

How would I have heard the song? What am I the damn song monitor?

The 38-year-old ended the message with a 'love you' note and a kiss emoji. 

Labeled As Rude 

Minaj's correction on Jessie's story wasn't well-received by many Twitter users.

One of them wrote, "This was so nasty and rude for literally no reason." Another commented, "Rude and for what reason, Nicki? One of your highest-charting songs."

One particular Twitter user even suggested Minaj delete the post, implying that Jessie meant no feud or controversy.


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Then came an opinion from another person who surmised the interview needed no response. The user asserted if she was on the song, then Jessie was right — she wanted to be on it. 

Entrepreneur Anthony Craparotta also joined the opposition and commented, "Nicki, how are you so successful but still so thirsty? Be happy in your success and stop this."

Amid all the controversy, some fans sided with Minaj and defended her.

A user named Tashara wondered how the rapper's response was rude or bitter. She remarked Minaj was only clearing up misinformation as she should have. 

Here's How What Nicki Minaj Responded 

Minaj had no qualms clapping back at haters who dumped their opinion on her act. On August 6, 2021, she reposted a tweet supporting her and claimed to be unbothered by the bitter comments.

The 'Anaconda' singer then mentioned how she used to care about what people said or thought about her, implying she didn't care about such things anymore. 

Another post followed the tweet, where Minaj stated she was blocking all haters before getting back into the booth. She hinted at the production of her upcoming fifth studio album that includes her new song 'Big Barbie.'