Jeremy Biddle, also known as Yung Bleu, is an American rapper who rose to fame after his 2020 single, 'You're Mines Still,' was remixed by Drake. He has been making music since 2013, and in July 2021, he dropped his debut album Moon Boy

Bleu has been making a name for himself after collaborating with prominent artists like Big Sean, Kehlani, Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, Moneybagg Yo, and H.E.R. However, he has been making headlines recently, and it is not about his music. 

It is about the public feud with his baby mama, Shunna Phillips. The situation is extremely messy, and the allegations they are throwing at each other are profound. 

The Allegations by Shunna Phillips

On August 19, 2021, Phillips took to Instagram stories to throw some serious shade at the rapper. She accused her baby daddy of keeping their son, Corbin, away from her and called him names.

Phillips' mother recently died, so all she wanted was the comfort of her son. But, unfortunately, Bleu was not allowing that since he hung up the phone after she requested to be with her son.

Therefore, she was all alone and angry, which is why she penned the story. In a subsequent post, Phillips also pointed out that nobody supported her since society was built that way.

She added that if the case were reversed, everyone would lose their minds. Bleu did not respond to Phillips immediately, but he dragged his family instead on August 20, 2021.  

He accused his family of being freeloaders and went on a rant on social media. He blamed his family for not thinking about him and his work. He exposed them for using him for money and blaming him for living average. 

Bleu ended his rant by opening up about his childhood. He was treated as a liability this whole life and did not grow up loved. Similarly, he complained that his family did not think he would grow up to be someone special. Yet, regardless of everything, he said that he still loved them. 

Yung Bleu Accused Shunna Phillips of Kidnapping

On August 26, 2021, Bleu accused Phillips of blackmailing him and kidnapping their son. He posted receipts of money he sent to her for Corvin's flight, rentals, and suit. 

Altogether, the rapper sent Phillips $1,500 to take care of Corbin for a couple of days. According to Bleu, he has custody of their son, and Phillips was supposed to bring Corbin back after their visit. 

However, Phillips failed to do so, which is why Bleu took to social media to find her. He offered $2,500 to anyone who could give him Phillips' location.

Apparently, Phillips was about to get a kidnapping charge, but the rapper requested the authorities not to. He was concerned for both of them since Phillips might not have been in the right state of mind. 

He added that he would have been in jail if she failed to bring Corbin back. He also accused his baby mama of only visiting their son thrice in two years since Phillips blocked his number. 

Shortly after Bleu exposed Phillips, she took to Instagram stories to defend herself. She uploaded a series of stories where she asked her followers not to believe everything they hear and see. 

Shunna Phillip's deleted Instagram Stories.

Shunna Phillip's deleted Instagram Stories. (Source: Instagram)

She also uploaded many screenshots of her fans texting her to speak up against Bleu. However, she deleted them shortly after. Similarly, she posted a fan's message who texted her to give the rapper his son back. 

Phillips retaliated, saying that Corbin has two parents, and she carried him for nine months. Unfortunately, she deleted that story as well. Bleu has not responded to Phillips after her Instagram stories.