Lily-Rose Depp was born to a celebrity power couple. With Johnny Depp as her father and Vanessa Paradis as her mother, she had many features to inherit from her parents.

And it isn't just amazing looks their daughter inherited from them, although Lily-Rose does look stunningly like her parents in more than one way. She also got the natural charisma and the penchant for performative arts from Johnny and Vanessa.

Having said that, Lily-Rose shares more similarities with her mother than with her father.

Vanessa Paradis and Daughter Lily-Rose Depp's Similarities

Lily-Rose and Vanessa share a lot of similarities with one another. Let's start with their appearance.

Lily-Rose's looks remind many of a young Paradis. They share similar nose structures, jawline, and those big piercing eyes, although it wouldn't be too wrong to say she gets a few of her jaw features from her father, too.

And while we are on her appearance, it's worth mentioning that Lily-Rose also looks strikingly similar to Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley in some portraits, the latter of whom even interviewed her in August 2021.

Vanessa Paradis's daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, is her look alike, and also share similarities in other things than acting.

Vanessa Paradis's daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, is her look alike, and they also share similarities in other things than their appearance. (Photo: Lily-Rose Depp/Instagram)

Moving on from their appearances, let's look at what they have done that's similar.

For starters, they're both into fashion. They're also involved with one of the biggest names in the game — Chanel.

The mother-daughter duo always had a great connection with the late Karl Lagerfeld. Paradis started the connection, and Lily-Rose is keeping it alive and well.

Paradis first became an ambassador for the brand in 1991. Lily-Rose got involved with them in September 2016 at 16 years old.

They always have front-row seats at all Chanel events and wear nothing but the brand on their many red carpet appearances.

Lily-Rose and Paradis have also been the faces of their own lines within Chanel — Chanel No. 5 L'Eau and Coco, respectively.

Although both have done modeling for cameras, they both have very little experience on the runway. They only have made cameos on the runway, and again, only for Chanel.

They're also actresses, but Lily-Rose is nowhere near her mother in terms of numbers. According to IMDb, Vanessa has 71 acting credits, with most of the credits coming in music videos and voice acting. Lily-Rose has 14 till now, but considering she's only 23, the daughter might soon overtake her mother.

And finally, both of them have graced Vogue magazine's cover. Vanessa has a few more appearances than Lily-Rose, but again, she might catch up in no time.

Lily-Rose and her daughter are also similar in their dating endeavors. Both of them have fallen for Hollywood's biggest stars.

Of course, for Vanessa, it was the ever-charming Depp. They met in Paris in 1998 and had two children — Lily-Rose (born in 1999) and son Jack (born in 2002).

And for Lily-Rose, it was Timothee Chalamet. The two youngsters started dating while co-starring in The King around mid-2018.

They broke up before April 2020, and she has now moved on with Yassine Stein.