Trisha Paytas has come forward to talk about why they deleted 1300 videos from their main YouTube channel.

On Wednesday, September 22, the famed YouTuber posted a twenty-minute long video on their second channel, which has 1.45 million subscribers, explaining why they thrashed their old videos from the platform.

"I was freaking like 20-23," Paytas said, iterating that they had posted the now-deleted videos when they were too young. They continued to state that they deleted all those videos because they felt awful seeing them.

The social media celebrity said they had difficulties deleting the videos because they felt sick to their stomach realizing they had left those videos on their channel for so long.

"People downloaded them and reposted old videos," they said before adding,

There's a lot of disgusting things but one thing I was adamant about when talking about other people which, you know I have, I've learned like the biggest lesson through all this is to like mind my own business [sic].

Paytas, who uses "they" and "them" pronouns, also admitted being ashamed because people criticized their past based on those videos. But they expressed they were helpless because even though they deleted the videos from their channel, the videos still exist on the internet and other social platforms.

In the latter part of the video, they asked people to stop spreading hate against them while also thanking their loyal fans who had accepted them wholeheartedly through the years.

Watch the full video here:

More than 1,300 Videos and over 1 Billion Views Deleted

According to Insider, Paytas deleted more than 1,300 videos, totaling over 1 billion views, off their main YouTube channel, which has 5.05 million subscribers, over the weekend. They also agreed to the fact in their aforementioned video, saying the publication had approached them for their comments on the topic.

The publication further reported that the data obtained from the social media analytics website SocialBlade revealed that 1,076,148,879 views disappeared from Paytas' channel on September 17 after the videos were removed from the channel.

Trisha Paytas' Most Recent Controversy

While they didn't respond to Insider's request for comment about the deleted videos, Paytas did upload a couple of emotional videos on their main channel this week, crying over some recent situations they went through.

In one of those videos titled, 'addressing everything,' they apologized for a "psychotic breakdown" moment captured on video and posted to Twitter. The video came in response to the heavy backlash they were facing over alleged inconsistencies in an allegation against their former middle school teacher.

Paytas had earlier claimed while speaking with H3 Podcast's host Ethan Klein that a teacher molested them in class. The teacher was later arrested, but the details they provided about the teacher's supposed criminal record don't align with public records.

In the wake of the recent controversy, they also stated, in their September 14 video, that netizens were spreading physical assault accusations against their fiancée and Klein's brother-in-law, Moses Hacmon.

Paytas and their beau Hacmon reportedly started dating in March 2020 after the couple met on the Kleins' YouTube dating show, The BacH3lorette. On Christmas day 2020, the two announced they were engaged to each other.