E! Network’s reality television series Total Divas, originally aired on July 28, 2013, gave the audience an inside look into the lives of female WWE wrestlers.

The series explored their work within WWE, as well as their personal lives, with the inclusion of behind-the-scenes footage.

Over the years, the likes of Brie Bella, Cameron, Eva Marie, JoJo, Naomi, Nikki Bella, Alicia Fox, and Alexa Bliss have starred in Total Divas — and brought plenty of drama.

Meanwhile, during the show's run from season one to season nine [aired on December 10, 2019], the audience also questioned its authenticity, wondering how much of it was real and how much was fake.

A collection of 'Total Divas' posters over the years.

A collection of 'Total Divas' posters over the years. (Photo: Twitter)

Addressing that, professional wrestler and reality television personality Nikki and other former cast members of the show have time and again spilled the beans and implied that the show isn't fully real.

Nikki Bella Reveals ‘Total Divas’ Is Scripted

Nikki, who remained part of the show throughout its nine-season run, got into arguments with fellow co-stars numerous times in the show.

The drama even helped the TRP of the show inch upwards; however, most of the turmoil wasn’t real.

In one of the episodes of The Bellas Podcast, which she co-hosts with her sister Brie, Nikki revealed that the show’s producers often scripted the drama with the cast members.


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"I don’t wanna say argument, but where we kind of like bump heads with production because they would push certain things or cause certain things," she explained, implying the involvement of producers in creating the drama didn’t go well with her.

Real and Scripted Moments of ‘Total Divas’

A report on a similar topic by Sportskeeda exemplified that the show was a mix of both real and scripted moments.

For instance, in 2013, a cast member Maria Kanellis implied in a since-deleted tweet that The Bella Twins used their political power backstage to prevent her from returning to WWE.

Three years later, the subject was again discussed on an episode of Total Divas when Brie explained that The Bella Twins and Maryse were offered a “really great work opportunity,” but it was later decided that only The Bella Twins were needed.

"Unfortunately, they decided they only wanted my sister and I. Now, business is business but, somewhere along the line, Maryse thought my sister and I blocked her from a contract," Brie said at the time.

Maryse then accused Brie of breaking their pact and stated The Bella Twins “did not look at me, call me, text me, for three-and-a-half years” after their disagreement.

This instance of argument was reportedly a non-scripted moment in the show.

On the other hand, the show had one of the most talked-about moments in 2014 when Summer Rae showed up at Natalya’s house and slapped her in the face.

But the moment was reportedly scripted. In a 2019 interview with Ring The Belle, Summer claimed that she was portrayed as a “horrible and really mean” personality while adding the slap scene was simply part of the Total Divas script.