WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss and American musician Ryan Cabrera got engaged in November last year. However, as they gear up for their big day, it appears the WWE superstar is taking a back seat and letting her fiancé do all the planning. 

The couple, who do almost everything together, seems to feel differently about weddings. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bliss opened up about her relationship with Cabrera and their upcoming wedding.

She admitted she was “not a wedding person” and that the wedding was essentially “Ryan’s wedding.”

The wrestler revealed that when she got engaged, Cabrera had told her she only needed to be present for their wedding. And while she did not believe him then, she believes him now. 

Bliss explained neither she nor her mother knew anything about the wedding, but that most of it had already been planned. The wedding is a dream come true for her fiance, who noted that he had been waiting for the special day his whole life. 

Ryan’s got it taken care of. He’s told me, “I’ve been waiting for my wedding day forever. I’ll plan it all.” Everything. Just tell me what you like.

And fortunately for the couple, they have the same interests and preferences, which is why even Bliss’s outfit has been designed by the musician himself.

And the wedding is not the only thing Cabrera is involved in.

Bliss explained that he was just as supportive of her career in the ring and revealed that he created her iconic smiley face with pigtails. 

The couple plans to wed in a desert next year in April after Bliss competes in WrestleMania.

How They Met

Most rumors about celebrities being in a relationship turn out to be true or false, but in Bliss’s case, it was the very thing that started her story with Cabrera

Previously, while talking with The Bella Twins on their podcast, Bliss explained that it all started when whoever was running his social media started liking her tweets, which were noticed by a fan. 

Soon, people started making Instagram accounts, claiming they were dating and tagged all of their friends. One friend that noticed was Michael Gregory Mizanin, popularly known by his wrestling moniker as The Miz.

Miz called Cabrera and found out he did not know who Bliss was and told him it was someone he worked with. Bliss and Cabrera started chatting from that point on, and she even went to his show in Orlando. 

After the show, Cabrera asked her out, but she declined. However, they still kept talking, and she noted he was very patient and persistent and soon enough Cabrera became her boyfriend. 

The WWE superstar could not stop gushing about him. She explained it was her first relationship without trust issues and insecurities and shared that Cabrera made her feel like the happiest girl in the world. 

Bliss often gives fans a glimpse into her love life with Cabrera, and she seems incredibly happy.