Brianna Monique Danielson, better known by her stage name Brie Bella, is a former professional wrestler and reality TV personality. She dominated the WWE with her twin sister Nikki for more than a decade from 2007 to 2019. 

The twins are WWE Hall of Fame members, and their world revolves around wrestling. But, besides wrestling, they have many business ventures like their wine label, podcast, clothing, and beauty brand. 

Both of them are involved in long-term relationships with kids as well. In addition, Bella recently celebrated her seventh marriage anniversary with her husband, Daniel Bryan, in April 2021. 

Here is everything you need to know about Bella and Bryan's relationship. 

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's Love Story 

All the credit for Bella and Bryan's relationship goes to WWE since that was where the pair met. Like Bella, Bryan is also a WWE superstar whose rise to fame is one of the most inspiring storylines in wrestling history.

The pair's relationship is well documented on Total Divas and Total Bellas, where their fans have seen them date, get engaged, marry, and have children over the last few years.

The pair stayed low-key with their love life at the beginning of their relationship. But, eventually, they went public with it, and after three years of dating, Bryan proposed to Brie in September 2013. 

Bella described her engagement in her the twin's memoir, Incomparable. She mentioned Bryan asked for her hand during a romantic trek and made the moment even more special by telling her, "I love you" for the first time. 


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After seven months of engagement, the couple tied the knot on April 11, 2014. They had a hectic week because the wedding was just five days after Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania30. 

Soon, the duo became a power couple in WWE and started wrestling as tag-teams. From the outside, Bella and Bryan with their two children look like the ultimate #couplegoals 

However, the marriage was not always sunshine and rainbows for them. Bella had a chat with her sister on an episode of Total Bellas that aired in May 2020, and she mentioned a few issues she was experiencing in her marriage.

Bella said that she and her husband's busy schedules had forced them to become estranged. As a result, they didn't spend enough time together to the point where Bella felt they were more like single parents than a family. 


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Even though Bella and Bryan's marriage has reached its breaking point, the pair is still in love and has not filed for divorce. Bella told the Daily Mail that once their first baby was born, the duo's professions and child became their priority.

Therefore, they ceased to evolve together. Finally, the pair realized that they were drifting apart and regained their composure. They found their way back to one other and now are happily living their life with two kids. 

Brie Bella and Her Children

After Bryan retired in 2016, and the pair concentrated on raising a family. It wasn't easy for the pair, though.

Bella struggled to conceive and voiced her fear of not becoming a mother in Total Divas. Fortunately, the couple soon received wonderful news when they learned they were expecting a child.

Regardless, Bella had a difficult pregnancy with her daughter Birdie. First, birdie was a week late, so doctors had to induce labor.


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Second, Bella had to have an emergency C-section due to the difficulty of labor. Finally, Birdie made her entry into the world on May 9, 2017, and is now a happy and healthy toddler.

After a year and a half, Bella and Bryan were again focused on extending their family with baby #2. However, the history repeated, and Bella had a tough time getting pregnant.

As a result, she stopped focusing on baby #2 but instead prioritized her business. Eventually, she got pregnant and announced it on January 29, 2020, via Instagram. 

Coincidentally, Nikki was also pregnant around the same time, and the twins announced it on the same day. They gave birth a day apart with where Bella welcomed her baby boy, Buddy, on August 1, 2020, and Nikki welcomed her firstborn on July 31, 2020. 

Bella often shares her love life and adorable pictures of her babies on her Instagram.