Summer Walker has chosen new pronouns for themselves. And yes, the new pronoun is “them.”

The singer-songwriter, 25, recently updated their Instagram bio and revealed their pronouns. The update came around with their Instagram post on February 8, 2022.

In the post, they shared an image featuring a drawing of two people, one of whom allegedly appears to be them, having a conversation with each other.

Summer Walker's post hinting at their pronouns change.

Summer Walker's post hinting at their pronouns change. (Photo: Instagram)

The other person implied that they had changed, to which they responded with, “WE’RE SUPPOSED TO.”

Moreover, the post’s caption also backed the change and situation, as it read, “Reborn.”

Fans Ask If Summer Walker Came Out as Non-Binary

After Walker updated their pronouns on Instagram, many fans asked if they had now come out as non-binary.

“Did Summer Walker come out as non-binary? I saw their Instagram profile has they/them pronouns now,” a tweet read.

Another similarly wrote, “Summer Walker is apparently non-binary now,” while sharing a screenshot image of the singer’s Instagram bio.

In the wake of the situation, they have not addressed fans’ curiosity as of this writing.

That said, according to Them’s report, not everyone who prefers to be referred to as “they/them” pronouns are non-binary.

“Preferring they/them pronouns isn’t synonymous with being nonbinary. After all, pronouns describe one’s identity — they don’t define it,” the report, written by Wren Sanders, stated.

Besides, in June 2021, singer Demi Lovato took to Instagram to share that the singular "they/them" was a gender-neutral pronoun that a person used while referring to someone whose gender one does not know.

One could also use it while referring to someone who has already specified that they use “they/them” pronouns for themselves.

Hence, until and unless Walker officially comes out as non-binary, it would be unfair to speculate anything.


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Some fans were also seen supporting Walker's pronouns amid the inquiring comments. 

"Happy for they," one wrote on Instagram.

Another added, "these comments [hate trend against Walker] are sad but im happy for them."

Summer Walker on Being Bisexual and Gender

Walker rarely opens up about their sexuality in public, but on a rare occasion, they spoke with Ari Lennox for their YouTube video and revealed they had dated many women over the years.

In the October 2019 interview, they admitted that they loved to be together with shorter women, which apparently made them happy.

Similarly, they implied that they were done with dating men and were ready to date women full time via a series of cryptic Instagram stories in April 2021.

“I never wanna see another [expletive] again I’m scarred for life,” they said in one of the stories.

But that said, Walker is reportedly in a happy relationship with their boyfriend, who seemingly goes by the name of Lary, at present.

In November 2021, the R&B singer took to Instagram to make the relationship official.

In the since-deleted post, they shared a video of them showing off their new tattoos.

The post also had three more images of the couple as they flaunted their romance.