Storm Reid entered the entertainment industry at a young age with full support from her parents. 

It is evident from Reid's social media that she treasures her family members, especially, her mom, a lot. She often gushes about them and shares stories of them with her followers. 

Storm Reid's Parents and Family 

The Euphoria actress was born on July 1, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents are Rodney and Robyn Simpson, and she is the youngest of her siblings. 

Storm Reid posing for a picture with her mom, Robyn Simpson.

Storm Reid posing for a picture with her mom, Robyn Simpson. (Source: Instagram)

Reid has an elder brother Josh and two sisters, Iman and Paris. They are of African-American ethnicity and race.

She does not talk much about her father or siblings but often speaks proudly of her mother, Simpson.

On 2021 Mother's Day, Reid took to Instagram to express her gratitude towards her mom.  

Reid appreciated Simpson for everything she had done to date and thanked her for the "unconditional love and sacrifices." In addition, she said she could never repay for things Simpson had done for her.

Reid also opened up about the encouragement, perseverance, and lessons Simpson had taught her.

The actress gushed about how excited she was to see Simpson be a businesswoman. She revealed the mother-daughter duo closed a few business deals and was building a house together. 

Reid also mentioned that people confused her mom for her sister. 

Storm Reid's Mom Helped in Her Career

Simpson has been there for her daughter through thick and thin.

In a 2019 interview with Teen Vogue, Reid revealed that her mom always supported her dreams of becoming an actress. 

Storm Reid with her mom, Robyn Simpson.

Storm Reid with her mother, Robyn Simpson. (Source: Instagram)

Reid knew she wanted to be in the entertainment world since she was three. So she confessed it to Simpson and said she wanted to be a "superstar."

Her mother believed in her dreams. Consequently, Simpson, Reid, and her sister moved to L.A. six years later from Georgia to fulfill the actress' wishes.

Thereon, Reid's dreams started manifesting into reality. She got to feature in 12 Years a Slave and got her big break from A Wrinkle in Time.

While Simpson is fully validating her daughter's career as an actress, she has also assured to be supportive if she ever left the industry. 

My mom has always said, if I didn't want to do it [acting] anymore then I could just quit, but I haven't wanted to. I feel like that's everyone's outlook. As long as I'm happy, that's what matters to them. 

In November 2020, Reid wrote in a blog from Bustle that her relationship with God kept her grounded. She then explained it was her mother who taught her to have faith.

She shared that her mother guided her throughout her career, teaching her to be "unapologetically herself."

She also noted she was her travel and business partner, but never overbearing. 

Storm Reid and Zendaya Are Like Siblings 

Reid and Zendaya play the role of sisters, Gia and Rue, in Euphoria. However, their sisterhood is not limited to the HBO series only.

Storm Reid and her Euphoria co-star, Zendaya.

Storm Reid and her 'Euphoria' co-star, Zendaya. (Source: Instagram)

The two are very close in real life and consider each other their siblings. Zendaya has often referred to Reid her "baby sister" and believes they are "real-life sisters." 

The two support and gush about each other whenever possible. Their love and sisterhood have been apparent on multiple occasions, be it award shows, red carpet, interviews, or social media. 

Reid showed her support to Zendaya for her latest movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home. She attended the premiere and shared about it on Instagram. 

In the caption, she wrote she got to go to the premiere and support her "big sis." She also congratulated Zendaya, adding "I luhhh you!"