The American teen drama series Euphoria enjoyed great success when it came out in 2019.

The show is loosely based on the Israeli television miniseries of the same name, and revolves around several high school students with Zendaya starring in the lead role.

Two other actors who played important roles in Euphoria are Alexa Demie and Jacob Elordi.

The latter plays the role of Nate Jacobs, a popular student and the star quarterback of East Highland High School.

As for Demie, she plays the part of Maddy Perez, one of the main characters of the series. She and Jacobs date on and off throughout the first season.


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Alexa Demie and Jacob Elordi

According to IMDb, both Alexa Demie and Jacob Elordi began their acting career in 2015, playing in shorts. Elordi appeared in the short, Carpe Liam, while Demie played a part in Miles.

Since then, the two actors have acted in several movies and TV series.

Elordi appeared in all three seasons of The Kissing Booth and Demie played in productions such as Mid90s (2018) and Waves (2019).

Euphoria is their biggest work to date. When talking to Collider, both, Alexa Demie and Jacob Elordi talked about how great of an opportunity it was.


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Noting that materials like this rarely came along, Demie shared it came to her when she was unhappy with the materials that were coming her way.

"I was in a really weird place, at the time. I wasn’t getting anything good and I was like, ‘I’m done with this! Why am I even doing this? Everything that I’m reading is so not what I want to do.’ And then, this came along and I was like, ‘I have to do this. I want to do this," she iterated.

The actress also revealed that Elordi had been a superb partner to work with. She said he had been collaborative from the first day they met, even helping her decide on what to wear.

“He’s such a great actor, and also just really a sweet person, in real life,” she spoke of him while adding that it was a great experience working with him.

Jacob Elordi dating Olivia Jade

Elordi is dating YouTuber Olivia Jade. E! broke the news in early January 2022, reporting that a source close to Jade revealed the two were “casually dating.”

The two sparked relationship rumors in December 2021 after they were spotted grabbing coffee in Los Angeles. Reportedly, Elordi and Jade also spent New Year’s together at a friend’s party.

Elordi had just broken up with his girlfriend of one year, Kaia Gerber, just weeks before he and Jade became the subject of a relationship rumor.

Jacob Elordi at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Jacob Elordi at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures (Source: Instagram)

Elordi and Gerber had an amicable split.

When speaking to Men’s Health in December 2021, he said she “handles herself wonderfully,” while further adding that he had learned a lot from her.

As for Jade, prior to getting together with Elordi, she was in a relationship with Jackson Guthy. 

Jade revealed more about her split from Guthy via an Instagram Story on August 2021.

The pair had also previously split in 2019 in the wake of the college admission scandal.