Nehemiah Lamar Harden, popularly known as SpotemGottem, was rumored to be dead after he was hospitalized following a drive-by shooting that left the 'Beatbox' rapper with five bullet wounds on his body.

According to TMZ, the incident occurred at 3 a.m. local time on Friday, September 17, according to law enforcement sources. Another vehicle approached him and started to fire.

SpotemGottem was shot in the legs twice, while the driver was injured in the hip. According to reports, the driver's side of the automobile he was traveling in was shot at least 22 times.

The rapper was promptly taken to Aventura Hospital in Florida.

Is SpotemGottem Dead?

The rumors about his death started spreading after one Instagram user reportedly claimed the rapper had passed away.

After the post, queries and condolences immediately started pouring in.

Only after the rapper’s legal counsel told the media about his recovery were the questions about "Is SpotemGottem Dead?" answered.

"Spotem was being driven from a Miami recording studio when the shooting went down ... and he's expected to make a full recovery," told the musician’s manager (as per TMZ.)

The rumors caused a lot of fuss among his fans. Several of his admirers also chastised social media users for circulating false death rumors about the 'Street Gossip' singer.

With an investigation of the incident currently in process, the shooter has yet to be identified.

The incident happened two months after Harden was detained in a hotel room by US Federal Marshals for his suspected participation in a June assault case using a lethal weapon, according to the Miami Herald.

He was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and accessory after the fact, all of which he pleaded not guilty.

The rapper has now fully recovered and been released from the hospital. He went live with W Wavy Navy Poo for a roast session soon after.

SpotemGottem's Music Career

SpotemGottem flaunting his wealth

Rapper SpotemGottem Flaunting His Wealth (Source: Dripndaily's Instagram)

With his hit 'Beat Box,' SpotemGottem made a splash in 2020. The song reached No. 12 on Billboard's Hot 100 list and became a social media success.

The "Junebug Challenge," in which users performed the unique dance to 'Beat Box,' was one of many dance crazes that swept the social video app TikTok.

From Lil Baby to Kevin Hart, everyone got involved in the challenge.

He released two sequels in 2021, 'Beat Box 2' with Pooh Shiesty and, more recently, 'Beat Box 3' with DaBaby.

Thanks to the TikTok challenge that catapulted the song to virality, it was nearly impossible to avoid the rattling noises of 'Beat Box.' 

Simultaneously, he received his fair share of criticism once revelations about his history surfaced.

Surprisingly, he persevered and kept his performance steady this year, positioning himself for a big year ahead with his latest single 'Deep Fried.'