Sir Carter, also known as Sirthestar, finally broke his silence months after JeffTheMVP’s initial accusations of Carter and ThatsSoRaffy (Rafael Willaims) having sexually assaulted him and his friend.

Carter explained in a TikTok video that he had to keep quiet about the accusations and internet drama because he wanted to handle it in a “mature” manner. He also added he wanted to give the authorities time to gather evidence and find out the truth.

The TikToker addressed the accusations, saying many of the things Jeff said were untrue. Jeff had previously claimed Carter and Williams were aware of him being a straight male and that he had a girlfriend in Orange county.

Sirthestar broke his silence on the sexual assault allegations after five months

Sirthestar broke his silence on the sexual assault allegations after five months. (Source: TikTok)

Carter said the statement was false and that he and Jeff had met through an LGBTQ+ dating app. He also added that Jeff’s claims of being under the influence of any kind of substance were proven untrue by the tests administered by the LAPD.

Carter then talked about how Jeff had been spinning two different tales — one for the internet and one for the investigation. He ended the video by talking about how hard it had been for him to remain silent despite people spreading false stories about him for views.

However, Carter isn’t the only one who has spoken their mind about the matter. Jeff also made a TwitLonger post, addressing the topic and how Carter had provided no proof.

JeffTheMVP Responds to Sirthestar

Not long after Carter uploaded his TikTok video to address the sexual assault allegations, Jeff took to Twitter to share a link to TwitLonger post, where he expressed his thoughts on Carter finally breaking his silence.

“It has been brought to my attention that Sir The Star finally responded after five months to what he has done,” he wrote. “He has not provided any proof of anything.”

“A few weeks ago, another victim came forward and said the same thing happened to him. I was never on any gay dating app. Where is the proof for that claim? Many other victims have come forward too, not just me.”

Jeff then wrote it was hard for people to understand how difficult such a situation was to deal with.

In the end, he asked people to respect his privacy and told them not to believe anyone that didn’t have any evidence to prove their claims.

imjustzander Speaks on the Topic

Aside from the parties directly involved in the incident, the one who has followed the allegations most closely is a popular TikTok star named Alexander (imjustzander).

Alexander has actively covered the topic for the past five months and exposed Carter of sexual assault, misconduct, and manipulation, through several of his videos.


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Similar to Jeff, Alexander asked people to stop sending him Carter’s response and not believe in him simply because he said he was innocent. Alexander repeated what Jeff had said and pointed out Carter had provided no proof despite claiming to be innocent in his video.

In a separate video, Alexander revisited some proofs he had shown in the past and how he had talked personally with many of Carter and Williams’ victims.

He also added multiple hashtags in his videos, including #stopvictimshaming and #stopvictimblaming, to show that he wasn’t buying into Carter’s explanation of being innocent.