Trigger Warning: The content includes references to topics such as sexual assault. Reach out to the National Sexual Assault Hotline (1-800-656-4673), Victim Connect Live Chat ( and National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline (1-866-331-9474) if you have ever been taken advantage of.

JeffTheMVP (XTRA Jeff), aka Jeff, is no longer staying silent about his sexual assault. 

He accused Sir Carter (SirTheCarter) and Rafael Williams (ThatsSoRaffy) of assaulting him and his friend while they were passed out drunk. Jeff made these allegations via a Twit Longer that was posted on November 14, 2021. 

Jeff's Allegations Against Sir Carter and Rafael Williams

It all started on August 7, 2021, when Williams invited Jeff and his friend, who remains anonymous, to Carter's house in Los Angeles.

According to his interview with Keemstar for DramaAlert, Jeff got acquainted with Williams after texting back and forth. Initially, Jeff and his friend did not want to go. 

But after Carter and Williams FaceTimed them, they got comfortable with the idea of going to Carter's house. Carter and Williams said they wanted to "chill and go in jacuzzi."

They also lured Jeff and his friend, saying they had better gaming setups. This sealed the deal for the pair since they wanted to be professional gamers, and connection with Carter and Williams would boost their influence. 

But when they went to Carter's place, there were no gaming setups but only drinks. Jeff and his friend felt uncomfortable, but the bait of brand deals and endorsement, along with connections with other influencers, lured them to stay.

Carter and Williams claimed they were already drunk, but Jeff felt like the two were only acting as such. His friend went to the bathroom and stayed there for around 20 minutes.

During that time, Jeff was made to drink vodka while Carter and Williams did not drink. Then, after Jeff's friend came back from the bathroom, they made him drink as well. 

Jeff and his friend were feeling "hazy and intoxicated," but they obliged when Carter and Williams suggested watching movies in the bedroom.

All four of them got to the bed where Jeff and his friend were kept in corners, whereas Carter and Williams sat in between them. 

Jeff felt awkward, but he was too drunk to leave the place. He was dozing off because he was "severely under the influence" and did not want to be left alone with them. 

His friend had gone to the washroom again, so Jeff texted him, saying he felt uncomfortable. The friend told him to be aware and not let anyone touch him. Unfortunately, Jeff was too incoherent to be aware. 

Carter and Willams knew Jeff was straight and had a girlfriend. Similarly, the unnamed friend was dating TikToker Larray. However, this did not stop Carter and Williams from allegedly assaulting the two. 

Jeff was soon knocked out, and he woke up in the bed with Williams. He was only in his boxers, which had holes in them. He felt violated and went to search for his friend. 

His friend was in bed with Carter, and he was also in shock at what happened.

The Aftermath

The duo left the house and realized they were manipulated. However, Carter and Williams still asked Jeff and his friend if they wanted to go to the party. 

They said yes but did not go. So instead, they left Los Angeles and stayed at a close friend's house to analyze the situation. They did not want to go home, but staying at somebody else's place did not help. 

Eventually, the two went to Jeff's sister's place to get advice. She told them to go to the hospital to get a rape kit.

They got to Corona Regional Hospital to get evaluated, and then LAPD escorted them to San Gabriel Valley Hospital to get rape kits. 

Jeff also provided other evidence to the police, like his boxers and the shirt that had makeup on it. Larray, close friends with Carter and Williams, sent multiple texts on Instagram and kept deleting them. 

This made Jeff scared since he knows the influence his abusers and Larray hold. To make matters worse, his e-sports team, Xtra Gaming, did not have his back. 

He texted Conley, one of the team owners, saying he wanted to come ahead with his story. However, Conley told him he supported Jeff, but the sexual assault story would negatively shed light on Xtra Gaming. 

He also suggested that if Jeff shared his story, he should leave the team. When he shared the incident with one of the other members of Xtra Gaming, he got scolded by Conley and Sly.

Jeff has every evidence he needed to prove that he was sexually assaulted by Carter and Williams. He provided it all to Keemstar, who showed it in DramaAlert. 


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This included evidence of rape kit, receipts of property taken by police, investigation report, and even the text and videos of Conley and Sly shouting at him. 

Keemstar asked for a statement from Conley publicly, who said that he supported Jeff and was working with local authorities to figure the situation out. 

At the time of writing, the police have not given updates to Jeff. However, Jeff has promised to let his fans know if anything were to happen. Similarly, Carter and Williams are yet to respond to the allegations.