Trigger Warning: The content includes references to topics such as sexual assault. Reach out to the National Sexual Assault Hotline (1-800-656-4673), Victim Connect Live Chat (, and National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline (1-866-331-9474) if you have ever been taken advantage of.

JeffTheMVP, aka Jeff, outs more sexual assault allegations against Rafael Williams (ThatsSoRaffy).  

On November 15, 2021, Jeff released a Twit Longer, where he exposed Williams and Sir Carter (sirthestar) for luring and assaulting him and his friend. Along with his friend (who remains anonymous), Jeff was invited by Williams to Carter's house on August 7, 2021. 

The two were uncomfortable with the invitation, but the hunger for better brand deals and connections with other influencers lured them to Carter's place. Williams and Carter made Jeff and his friend drink until they were drunk. 

The two could not go home, so when Williams and Carter suggested they watch a movie in the bedroom, they obliged. When Jeff woke up, he found himself half-naked with Williams in the bed. 

His friend was in bed with Carter. The duo was in shock, so they left the place and eventually made their way to Jeff's sister. 

She suggested they file a police report and do the rape kits. Jeff and his friend were scared to share their story, and when they did, their Esports team was not supportive of it. 

XTRA Gaming's owner, Conley, told Jeff that he needed to back out from the team if he shared his story. Similarly, Conley and his partner Sly scolded Jeff when they learned the latter told about the sexual assault to a member of XTRA Gaming. 

After Jeff came out with his story with the help of Keemstar, XTRA Gaming faced significant backlash. As a result, many team members left, and Sly stepped down from the position of CEO.

Jeff also left XTRA Gaming and is now a part of a new team. However, he has not announced the details yet. 

More Allegations against Rafael Williams

After Jeff told his story, more allegations against Williams have surfaced. Jeff shared two DMs and two screenshots of YouTube comments on November 17, 2021, where people accused Williams of sexual assault. 

A person, who remained anonymous, said that they grew up in the same town as Williams. They accused Williams of taking non-consented pictures of them while the two were hooking up.

When they wanted to say something against the pictures being taken, Williams allegedly pushed his head down and forced oral pleasure on him. 

The person also accused Raffy of emotionally abusing him by stating that he told everyone the person was gay. Another screenshot of a DM accused Williams of rape. 

They alleged the influencer had attempted to rape multiple men and women in the past. They confessed a girl close to them was almost raped by Williams. 

Allegedly, Williams got the girl drunk and assaulted her while she was asleep. A YouTube comment shared the same story as that of Jeff. Like Jeff, the person was intoxicated by Raffy and woke up with their pants off with him. 

Even after all these allegations, Williams has made no statement to defend himself or apologize to the victims.