On November 14, 2021, JeffTheMVP (XTRA Jeff) or Jeff accused Sir Carter (SirTheCarter) and Rafael Williams (ThatsSoRaffy) of sexual assault. Jeff alleged that the two influencers harassed him and his friend while they were passed out drunk. 

On August 7, 2021, Williams called Jeff and his friend (who chose to be anonymous) to Carter's house. Carter and Williams allegedly got Jeff and his friend drunk and asked them to watch movies in the bedroom. 

Jeff and his friend obliged since they were too drunk to do anything about the situation. The alcohol knocked Jeff out, and when he woke up, he found himself half-naked on a bed with Williams. 

His friend, on the other hand, was on the bed with Carter. The two later did a rape kit and filed a police report as well. But, unfortunately, they have heard nothing back from them yet. 

XTRA Gaming and JeffTheMVP

Jeff is a part of an e-sport team called XTRA Gaming. The team is handled by two guys, Conley and Sly. Jeff shared his story with Conley and told him about all the allegations he placed on Carter and Williams.

Conley said he supported Jeff but told him it would shine a negative light on XTRA Gaming. He even went on to say that Jeff could leave the team for the time being if he wanted to be a part of XTRA Gaming. 

Similarly, Jeff also could not share his story with other members of the team. When he shared it with one girl of the XTRA Gaming, Sly and Conley shouted at him via Discord. 

Jeff's sister had recorded everything Sly and Conley had said. In an interview with Keemstar for DramaAlert, Jeff exposed the owners of XTRA Gaming and said they did not support him. 

As soon as the interview aired, XTRA Gaming, Conley, and Sly faced a lot of backlashes. Moreover, Keemstar revealed he had given an option for Sly and Conley to give a statement before his interview with Jeff aired. 

Is This the End for Xtra Gaming?

As soon as the backlashes started coming in, Sly stepped down from the position of CEO of the Esports team. He did it on November 15, 2021, via a statement on Twitter. 

He was sorry for what happened to Jeff and his friend and said he encouraged them to work with local authorities after learning about the incident. 

He addressed the video exposed by Keemstar and Jeff of him yelling at the latter for sharing his sexual assault story. He agreed that he was insensitive to the matter and said it did not reflect who he and XTRA Gaming are.

Similarly, he confessed that he could have handled the matter more seriously and apologized to Jeff and his friend. Sly ended his statement by saying he was sad for failing everyone who supported him and XTRA Gaming. 

As a result, he was stepping down from the Esports team. In addition, many streamers and players from the group have also backed down due to how Conley and Sly handled the situation. 

Jeff has also left the team and moved on from them. He confirmed it on Twitter and revealed that he was looking for a new gaming family. 

In the same manner, Team Razer also cut cords with XTRA Gaming. Team Razer is an Esports team like XTRA Gaming which includes various gamers under them. 

They gave a statement on Twitter saying that they were terminating their partnership with XTRA Gaming. They also opened their arms to the affected players and said they were welcome to reach out to Razer. 

At the time of writing, XTRA Gaming has deleted their Instagram and Twitter.