What is going on with Addison Rae and her mother, Sheri Easterling?

On August 8, 2022, news broke out that Rae had unfollowed her mother on Instagram. 

Easterling took to all the social media platforms to express how she felt about her daughter’s actions. She shared she was heartbroken and that she did not deserve that. She also changed her TikTok bio. 

No one knows why, but after the mother-daughter drama spread on the internet, fans speculated it probably had something to do with Easterling and rapper Yung Gravy. 

During his appearance on the BFFs and Jeff FM podcast, Gravy shared that he had a thing for MILFs and alluded to flirting online with Rae’s mother. 

Sheri Nicole changed her bio after her daughter, Addison Rae, unfollowed her

Sheri Nicole changed her bio after her daughter, Addison Rae, unfollowed her. (Source: Instagram)

“She’s [Rae] probably embarrassed. Imagine your mom flirting with a 22-year-old publicly and your dad dating a19 year old. I feel for Addison,” commented a user on a video made by celebrity news reporter Hannah Kosh. 

Sheri Easterling Responds to Daughter’s Actions

Easterling also commented on Kosh’s video, stating she was tired of people making assumptions about her when they did not know the truth. 

“By looking through these comments, I can surely tell that I am not considered a human that has feelings or deserves to speak,” wrote Easterling. 

Easterling then went on a Twitter tirade. She noted that she had poured out her heart only to be treated betrayed in the end.

Many thought she was talking about her daughter, but some claimed she was referring to her estranged husband, Monty Lopez.

The famous TikToker’s mother is currently single after her marriage with Lopez fell apart when he was caught cheating

She then tweeted a mending heart emoji, which is typically used to represent recovering or healing from heartbreak or emotional pain. After that, she tweeted about the challenges of being a mother.

She noted that parents endured so much pain, especially when they only wanted good for their children. 

Easterling then ended the tweet, writing, “sending love to all moms who struggle.” She also wrote that she owed it to herself but did not elaborate on the cryptic tweet, leaving many confused. 

Fans React to the Family Drama

Many people understood Easterling’s pain. “You don’t deserve that heart break I’m so sorry what you’re going through. I hope soon you will be okay it’s heartbreaking seeing you like this and he [Lopez] is just acting like an immature brat,” tweeted a user. 

Another user who shared the same sentiment wrote, “I love you, Sheri. You didn’t deserve any of this. I hope ur doing okay but remember that you are worth it and amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise lots of love.”


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However, an equal number also criticized her for dealing with everything so openly online. 

“I would be so ashamed and embarrassed if my parents acted like you and Monty. you really chose your own internet fame over the well-being of your family,” criticized a user. 

Another user tweeted, “You want attention so bad it’s pathetic at this point. I have never seen a mother like that before. You want the entire world to see your family problems. People are making fun of your children for having parents like that.” 

Besides the unfollow, Rae has not responded to any of the drama that has been going on so far.