Did Shawn Mendes just come out?

That's the question everyone had for a second after seeing his latest heartfelt note on Twitter. The Canadian sensation sent the internet into overdrive after a sort of cryptic, long writing.

Many took his writing as him announcing he was gay. But that looks to be far from the truth.

Shawn Mendes’ Virtual Hug Tweet

On April 19, 2022, Mendes tweeted a lengthy note where he expressed his feelings and how he was going through life as a 23-year-old. It was also a "hug" from the singer to everyone who saw the tweet.

"sometimes i ask myself what it is that I should be doing with my life," Mendes wrote. "and what I always hear in return is 'to tell the truth, to be the truth."'

Mendes then said he felt like that was a difficult thing to do and expressed his fear of people thinking less of him if he told the truth all the time. "They might become bored of me," he added.

So, when he felt like that, he either faked his emotions or hid them from everyone.

But now, as a 23-year-old who the world always has an eye on, he wanted to be seen "as [his] 100% true honest unique self." And despite not wanting to care about what everyone else thought of him, he still did.

His truth was — he was mostly struggling to be his true self and not caring about other people's opinions. "even with so much success," he felt like he was failing and obsessed over what he did not have.

"The truth is i'm overwhelmed and overstimulated lol," he confessed. That's all he was doing — confessing.

"the truth is ALSO that i'm okay," the singer, who previously dated Camila Cabello, assured his fans and reiterated that he was still trying to tell and be the truth.

At the end of the note, he hoped his words would resonate with some people out there.

Shawn Mendes's cryptic tweet about his truth and honesty started speculations about him coming out as gay.

Shawn Mendes' cryptic tweet about his truth and honesty started speculations about him coming out as gay. (Photo: Shawn Mendes/Twitter)

In a few follow-up tweets, he further expressed what he meant with his writing.

"im honestly so okay!" he said in another tweet and just stated he wanted to communicate with everyone in "a real honest way." That's why he just typed the "big old" note.

In another instance, Mendes said if he, with all his success and "blessings," felt like that, he worried about other people without his blessings. He did not want anyone to feel alone or left out.

Responding to someone else on Twitter saying the note felt like a hug, he agreed with the sentiment. "im really glad, this is definitely a hug from me," he responded.

People Thought Shawn Mendes Was Coming Out as Gay

You always risk your words being misconstrued if you're cryptic. That's exactly what happened here with Mendes.

With lines that talk about truth and being honest to everyone, Mendes gave people a lot of instances where they could read between the lines. And they did, but many had the same interpretation — that Mendes was announcing he was gay.

Right after the tweet went live, replies from Twitter users speculating he was gay flooded in.

"we already knew but i’m happy for you," one user replied, followed by a Pride flag and colorful hearts.

"Not me thinking this was his coming out tweet," another user sub-tweeted Mendes' note.

Some others were confused. "I dont understand is he coming out???" another one put forth their query.

Others were very certain the Canadian singer was gay.

"any time shawn mendes trends on twitter i think hes coming out," one said, while someone else wrote, "Sorry but don’t wanna see a notes app message from Shawn Mendes unless he’s coming out cuz at this point baby who you lying to."

Rational voices seemed to prevail here, though. Most people were of the opinion that people were joking about the coming out thing. They even said this kind of joking and putting pressure on Mendes was not nice.