Ashley Snowden rose to fame from TLC's reality show Seeking Sister Wife. She and her ex-husband Dimitri Snowden were one of three polygamous couples that sought to add sister-wives to their family. 

But things didn't go as planned. The couple parted ways, following which the mother-of-three posted an official statement to disclose their separation.  

Ashley Snowden Updates Fans about Relationship Status

On July 15, 2021, Snowden took to Instagram to announce her newly found singlehood, clarifying that she left her long-time husband. 

She penned a lengthy message for all her followers and wrote that she had to reveal the truth because misinformation would be harmful. In the first sentence, she wrote, "I’m single and grateful for life."

In the following paragraph, the licensed Zumba instructor indirectly asked for privacy from everyone, sharing tips that would make the world kinder to people experiencing trauma. 

She urged her followers not to ask personal questions to people they didn't know intimately. She also requested them not to infringe on other's privacy — instead, she told them to respect people's decisions not to share their private life. 

If someone hasn’t shared personal info, chances are they don’t want to talk about it yet, or ever. And that’s ok! You will survive, but you have no idea how hard they may be trying to survive.

In the fourth paragraph, Snowden touched on her split with her husband and hinted at how she was moving through the difficult period

The reality star confessed that her well-wishers showered her with love and support after the split. She got direct messages, check-ins, words of encouragement, and stories of similar experiences from her friends and fans alike.

Snowden then addressed people who scrutinized celebrities. She explained how the 'you’re a celebrity so you signed up for this' ideology was an outdated excuse for harassment.

Before expressing condemnation of every slander directed at her and every other person, the TLC star described public scrutiny as cyberbullying.  

It (scrutiny) also lets me know that you, too, may be hurting, and I have compassion for that even if it’s not reciprocal. We are all human, trying to figure life out. I’m no different.

At the end of her lengthy message, Snowden appealed to her followers to be kind and mentioned she loved everyone, especially those going through trials and tribulations.

Snowden Has Three Kids with Ex-husband 

Snowden started dating Dimitri in 2011 as the pair bonded over their multi-marriage concept. Later, they tied the knot through a spiritual union and opted out of a legal marriage. 

In their almost decade-long union, the pair welcomed three kids — Nenúfar, Armonío, and Canaria. However, neither of the parents has shared anything on managing their parenthood after the separation. 

The news of the split came months after their ex-sister wife Christeline Petersen filed a restraining order against the duo following domestic abuse claims in March 2021

While the court dismissed the order after lack of evidence in April 2021, Dimitri filed for divorce on May 11, 2021, citing Petersen's absence in the marriage as the reason.