Seeking Sister Wife is a reality TV show on the fabled lifestyle network TLC that followed a series of polygamous couples who are either seeking, dating, or ready to include new sister wives into their families.

Being a show with a socially questionable premise, many have called out the show to be fake, including former cast members and sister wives. 

Is Seeking Sister Wife Real?

In the comments section of a Starcasm Instagram post featuring Tayler Middleton, the former sister-wife of Ashley and Dimitri Snowden called out the show to be fake and claimed that anyone who believed otherwise was a victim of wishful thinking, or in her words, "a hater."

Later that same day, Middleton put up her own Instagram story where she shared an animation of a piece of paper tossed in a dustbin. She claimed to be sick of the fake news and the lies surrounding the show. She refused to be anyone's enabler and sternly asked for the show to be shut down for good.

The post was later shared by Christeline Petersen, who was a potential South African sister wife to the Snowdens and a former Snowden sister-wife, Vanessa Cobb. Another woman named Ariadne Joseph also shared the post on her story. 

For those unaware, the Snowdens are one of the three families featured on Seeking Sister Wife.

While Joseph has not made an appearance on the show, her involvement suggested that she was also previously related to the Snowdens. 

An Appeal for the Show to Be Cancelled

Prior to sharing the post on her socials, Joseph felt that it was necessary to add her two cents on top of Middleton's words. She accused the Snowdens were abusers and that the network was enabling their abuse by making them into reality TV stars.

She prompted all those who would listen to not let the abuse propagate further and called for the show to be cancelled altogether. 

This wasn't the first time that such an accusation had been made, either.

Starcasm reported that Petersen had filed for a restraining order following allegations of domestic abuse. According to their reports, Petersen suffered physical abuse at the hands of Dimitri. 

Reportedly, Dimitri woke her up by slamming her head against the headboard of the bed multiple times while yelling at her the whole time. 

Allegedly, he also strangled Petersen when they were being intimate and did so without her content. Furthermore, the more she struggled at his hands, the more he enjoyed it, and the whole episode would last longer. Eventually, she stopped struggling just to make it through the ordeal faster. 

According to People, she was granted a temporary restraining order against Dimitri. However, the restraining order was lifted on April 28, 2021, citing a lack of evidence. 

Although the case has been dissolved in the court of law, fans continue to side with Petersen and against Snowdens, urging the network to cancel the show. 

That being said, there has been no official word from the network or the producers regarding the future of the show.