Written and directed by Venezuelan filmmaker Jonathan Jakubowicz, Hands of Stone depicts the rags-to-riches tale of the legendary boxer Roberto Durán, affectionately known as El Cholo. 

The 2016 biographical sports drama focused on his career as a boxer, his career-defining bouts with fellow professional boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, and his married life with his devoted wife, Felicidad 'Fula' Iglesias.

Venezuelan actor Édgar Ramírez portrayed Durán, Usher played Leonard and Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas embodied Durán's beloved wife Felicidad. 

While most of the movie scenes provided an accurate picture of the great Roberto Duran's life, the portrayal of his wife's character slightly differed from her real-life personality. 

Roberto Durán's Wife Never Smoked

In an August 2016 interview with The Guardian, the 70-year-old praised the biopic and Ramírez for doing a fantastic job. He said he was thrilled with the movie. 

But one thing he didn't like was the false portrayal of his long-time wife, Felicidad. He mentioned the scenes where her character smoked and drank and pointed out that his wife had never done those things in real life.

The director defended his decision to portray his wife as a smoker and drinker as a "creative choice." He stated that the biopic wasn't only about Durán. It was also about his wife, who had a prominent part in his career.

So he twisted the reality to depict how broken she was to handle a depressed man after losing his greatest fight with Leonard. 

Roberto Durán and Wife Felicidad's Marriage

Durán's marriage to Felicidad seems straight out of a fairytale. It is a relationship that many people often look up to. The duo fell in love when they were just ordinary teenagers living in Panama. 

Felicidad came from a well-to-do family, while Durán hailed from the poor side of the town. Their love, however, transcended the financial differences, and they married on January 30, 1972. The veteran boxer was only 21. 

Post marriage, their relationship weathered all sorts of tribulations, given that Durán's burgeoning career catapulted him to massive stardom, and he was no longer an ordinary person.

Despite all the odds, the pair stood stern for their enduring marriage. Courtesy of their love and understanding, the lovebirds have now been married for over 49 years.  

Inside Roberto Durán's Family Life with Wife

Evident on Durán's Instagram account, the Panama native and his partner-in-crime are parents to at least five children: sons Victor, Robin, Roberto Jr., and daughters Irichelle and Jovanna. 

Needless to say, the pair's children are all grown up and have their own families.

Durán's son Roberto Jr. is a boxing instructor, while another son, Robin, is an entrepreneur. His third kid, Victor, introduces himself as an artist interested in music, sports, and motorcycles, on his Instagram bio. 

Besides being parents, Durán and Felicidad are also grandparents to over four grandchildren. He timely posts pictures of his grandkids on his socials.