Jungle Cruise actor Edgar Ramirez has had a harrowing experience with COVID. He has dealt with a lot of pain and anguish due to the disease that’s ravaging his family.

The actor lost a lot of loved ones to the virus and he has now taken to Instagram to share his pain and frustration, as well as a bit of a message for everyone alive.

A Grave Situation

“I beg you to please read this post carefully,” read the post’s first few words. Ramirez mentioned that the post was the most intimate post he had had to make in his life.

He expressed his difficulty in coping with the loss of four very close people in his life to the virus. The accompanying pictures chronicled how the virus added pain upon pain to him.

Ramirez revealed that the miracle he hoped would happen didn’t. He lost his uncle and aunt within a matter of hours.

His aunt, Lucy, died on Saturday, followed by his uncle, Guillermo, who passed away on Sunday.

The horror continued on Monday. He woke up to the news that Rafael, a dear friend and relative, had also succumbed to the disease following months of COVID-related complications.

These tragedies occurred just about a month after he lost his beloved grandmother, Bertha, to COVID. Ramirez also lost his Venezuelan agent and dear friend, Laureano, four months ago.

He then expressed the excruciating pain he was feeling at the moment. He was feeling a void in his chest and a crippling headache.

But he expressed his determination to not let these horrors affect him. “These are waves of hopelessness that I refuse to let take root in my soul,” Ramirez said.

Feeling Of Helplessness

Further in the post, he revealed a serious detail that played a huge part in all these deaths. Ramirez disclosed that none of the loved ones he lost had access to vaccines in Venezuela.

Then he went on to express his frustration at the contrast of the situation between his home country and in the US. It broke his heart to see that people were denying vaccines in the US, the same things his family would have taken “in an instant.”

Ramirez implored everyone to get vaccinated. And he asked to do so not for themselves, but for their loved ones. He considered getting vaccinated an act of compassion.

Also included in the post was a mention of his interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden. He called it a powerful conversation full of vital information.

He hoped their conversation would serve as a starting point for an awakening conversation between people who have differing opinions on vaccines.

Finally, he ended the post by encouraging people to only follow science and truthful information, with a final request to get vaccinated and save lives.

Ramirez has also posted these messages in Spanish on a separate post. His conversation with Dr. Fauci is also available both in English and Spanish, in-between his posts of outpourings.

It remains to be seen whether these will affect Ramirez’s involvement in the cinematic projects he’s a part of.