According to recent reports, BTS's Jungkook put in his resignation as the director of his brother's clothing line after heavy allegations of false advertising. 

Fans are not at all pleased with the way things unfolded, and so they did what they do best—voice their words on the internet. As of recent, fans have taken to platforms like Twitter, protesting against his resignation. 

Jungkook Resigned from His Brother's Company

As per Biz Hankook (via Korea Boo), Jungkook withdrew from his brother Jeon Junghyun's company Six6uys, where he was previously employed as the internal director. 

The outlet cited the company's register, which happens to be a public record, to reveal that the company was founded in May 2021 with an intent to manufacture clothing and accessories. 

A few months later, in September 2021, the company came up with a brand called Graffiti On Mind. The new line was supposed to embody the idea of rebellion with the forefront of quality art. 

The fake ad allegations only began when Jungkook was seen wearing his brother's brand on multiple occasions, from posts on the BTS members' Twitter account to live broadcasts.

People Accused Jungkook of False Advertising

Shortly after Jungkook donned his brother's brand on public platforms, netizens began accusing him of false advertising with the notion that Jungkook did not disclose that the product he was endorsing was a paid advertisement. 

These allegations are especially sensitive when the endorsements happen over social media platforms. As the fake advertisement allegations gained momentum, Jungkook resigned from his position on September 14, 2021.

Still, that did not stop loyal fans from protesting against the allegations. While the fake ad allegations were gaining momentum, so was the Protect Jungkook movement. 

Fans Protest with 'Protect Jungkook'

"Now he can't even wear his brother's brand without being accused of "false advertising"??" one fan questioned before adding, "Let him wear whatever he wants in peace. Also even if he wore what's wrong with that?? it's not his fault people always investigate his clothing brands n buy it."

This user's statement embodied a good chunk of the fanbase's concerns. They have been arguing that Jungkook has the right to wear his brother's brand if he chooses to, and nobody should be pointing fingers at him for it. 

Another camp of Twitteratis argued that the false advertising claim was wrong in itself because Jungkook simply wore what he wanted to, did not urge or persuade anyone to go out, and did not even mention the brand during his broadcast or tweet. 

Others were upset that Jungkook had to resign from his position as the internal director of his brother's company because of some people accusing him of false advertising when, in fact, he had not even brought up his brother's brand during said instances. 

One fan, in particular, found the false advertising accusations to be "corny" and "funny" for two reasons:

1. Bruh he is Jeon Jungkook, he doesn't need to advertise, he just wears the clothes, n fans search it and get it sold out.
2. He has NEVER talked about what clothes he is wearing NEVER

Check out more of the tweets below:

All in all, the internet is not happy with the way that the accusations cascaded into Jungkook having to address it with such drastic measures. 

Jungkook has not yet come out with a public statement to address the entire fake ad fiasco.