The drama community on YouTube is filled with many YouTubers and commentators, and Peter Monn is a beloved member of that coterie.  

Monn usually uploads sarcastic videos on his channel, dragging YouTubers, especially those from the beauty community like Jeffree Star and Jaclyn Hill.

On February 16 and February 17, 2022, his family, fans, and followers received news they never saw coming. Monn was involved in a massive car crash. 

The accident was so severe that it caused the death of one of the people involved in the crash. Currently, Monn is hospitalized to recover from his injuries.

However, the details about his injury and his current condition are unknown. Therefore, there has been little to no update about the situation at the time of writing.

Here is everything we know about the car crash.

The Unfortunate Accident 

On February 17, 2022, around 5:30 EST, Keemstar first reported the news of the accident. He took to Twitter to note that Monn had been a part of a terrible car crash. 

He initially said that the details were unknown. But a few minutes later, he provided a screenshot of The Press Release Engine report, which showed that four people were involved in the three-vehicle crash.

The accident caused the death of 47-year-old Brent Jameson, who was driving a Chevrolet. 26-year-old Devon Detling was a passenger in the same car, but fortunately, he survived and was hospitalized. 

Monn was driving the second car, a Jeep, and he was also hospitalized following the crash. Sharmarke Jama, a 46-year-old driving a Nissan, also survived the accident.

According to a news report by Fishers, the accident happened on February 16, 2022, around 12:30 PM. The Police responded to a car crash on Allisonville Road, Indiana.

Jameson's death was reported at the scene right after the accident. The news report further claimed that witness statements said Monn's Jeep was the one that initially caused the crash. 

Peter Monn Hospitalized after the Crash

Following the initial reports, many people were worried that Monn was the one whose death was reported. But later, it was confirmed that he was hospitalized. 

However, according to Inside Eko, Monn was fighting for his life in the hospital. No official sources have yet confirmed how the accident happened. 

While the police have said the incident is under investigation, speculation spread across social media like wildfire. On r/h3h3productions, a Reddit user named u/Vegetable_Car_1429 posted about the situation.

Via the comments, another user, u/imovertheusernames, noted that Monn's husband posted an update on Facebook. He allegedly said the reason for the crash was because the YouTuber had a seizure.

Similar news has also surfaced on Twitter, but it has not been confirmed yet. Therefore, unless the officials have verified everything, nothing can be said for sure.