Pete Davidson seems to have been around forever. Right now, he is at the top of the world, with a romance with THE Kim Kardashian going great and a comedy career going similarly well.

The SNL star broke into the comedy scene in 2013. Since then, people have wanted to know many things about his family life, including about his father's passing in 2001.

Among the most perennially searched things about Pete are his ethnicity and racial heritage.

And his ethnic background might surprise you because the comedian looks like everything and nothing as pointed out in many, many jokes about his ethnicity, proving looks aren't everything after all.

What Ethnicity Is Pete Davidson?

Peter Michael Davidson was born November 16, 1993, in Staten Island, New York City, to father Scott Matthew Davidson and mother Amy Davidson (née Waters). He has a lot of different ethnic heritages from both his father's and mother's sides.

Pete Davidson with his father Scott, who gifted him with Jewish ethnicty.

Pete Davidson with his father Scott Matthew Davidson. (Photo: Amy Davidson's Instagram)

His father, Scott, was Jewish, something he only found out in 2017. "My mom just never told me," he said during his December 2017 HOT 97 interview.

Pete revealed he did his ancestry test and was surprised to find out he was "48%" a Jew. Only when he inquired about the same did his mom tell him about his dad's roots.

Scott had Polish Jewish, Dutch Jewish, and German Jewish roots, and had a bit of Irish and Italian blood as well. His Polish Jewish ethnicity came from his father Stephen Davidson (Pete's paternal grandfather) and his Italian roots came from his mother Carla Kaiser (Pete's paternal grandmother.) Scott's mother was a descendant of German, Dutch Jewish, and Sicilian heritage.

As for Pete's mom, Amy, she has Irish, English, Scottish, and German ancestry. She got those from her father (Pete's maternal grandfather) Peter M. Waters, who had Irish ancestry, and Rebecca A. O'Keefe, her mother (Pete's maternal grandmother), who had English, German, and Scottish roots.

Pete Davidson with his mother, Amy, and younger sister, Casey.

Pete Davidson with his mother, Amy, and younger sister, Casey. (Photo: Amy Davidson's Instagram)

So, with all these combined, Pete seems to be about half Jewish and half a hodgepodge of many other racial backgrounds, as is his sister, Casey.

Jokes about His Ethnicity and Owning the Confusion

Pete has been a subject of a lot of jokes about his racially ambiguous looks since the moment he became big. The first of those jokes came from the big shots at SNL with cast members much bigger (and older) than him.

He joined Saturday Night Live in 2014, and at the time, neither he nor anyone else outside his family knew about his ethnic background. So, naturally, jokes about his mysterious ethnicity became an easy thing.

Pete has never taken them seriously, though. During an interview with People in October 2015, he revealed how he handled all the quips about his ambiguous looks.

"I’m a straight white dude but for some reason I look like every other race mixed together. I’m all Irish and Italian but for some reason I look like a Puerto Rican," he said.

Further, he joked about how he used it "to my advantage." "I feel like as soon as people find out I’m just a white dude, I’ll start losing work," the comedian added.

In the years that followed, he appeared on Comedy Central's roasts for Justin Bieber and Rob Lowe, in both of which fellow comedians made jokes about his at-the-time-confusing racial identity. The jokes, it might be fair to say, have died down since the details about him and his parents' ethnicities have come out.