There are many controversial influencers on social media, but only a few have created an empire out of it. Nikita Dragun is one such beauty influencer who finds herself in hot waters now and then. 

From blackfishing to lying about crucial elements of her life, Dragun has done it all. She recently dropped her debut single 'D**K', which gave two messages — an empowering anthem to transgenderism and a statement to not mess around with her.

She exposed many people, from Tyga sliding into her DMs to boys flirting with her and lying about it. Tyga retaliated and said that he contacted Dragun because she collaborated with his company for a music video and nothing else. 

The rapper also called her a clout chaser, but Dragun could not care less about it. Similarly, she also fought with Asian Doll about using her picture on her music video. 

However, the most scandalous exposé was about Dragun's alleged ex-boyfriend, Michael Yerger. 

Nikita Dragun Exposed Michael Yerger

Dragun and Yerger had a messy relationship back in 2018. Unfortunately, the breakup was even more chaotic than the entire relationship, where many accusations were thrown around. 

The pair moved on, but they couldn’t help but throw subtle shade at each other in the past three years. Recently, Dragun used a couple of Yerger's pictures on her music video and slapped the word "D**K" in his face. 

Similarly, she also showed a screenshot proving that Yerger was still following her and stalking her page. Moreover, Dragun said that he was still texting her even though she had blocked him. 

She also threw shade at Yerger's current girlfriend, Daisy Keech, asking her to get her boyfriend via the lyrics of her song — "Come get your boyfriend cause he is on my page stalking, I blocked his number but somehow he still calling."

Both Yerger and Keech commented on Dragun's Instagram post since they were mad at her for mentioning them in her song. Yerger said that he felt bad for her, whereas Keech asked her to medicate.

Once again, Dragun could not care less and retaliated back at them sarcastically. Neither Yerger nor Keech has responded to Dragun's comment. 

Michael Yerger and Daisy Keech respond to Nikita Dragun's music video.

Michael Yerger and Daisy Keech respond to Nikita Dragun's music video. (Source: Nikita Dragun's Instagram)

Nikita Dragun and Michael Yerger's Messy Relationship 

Yerger and Dragun's relationship initially started as a business deal. Dragun had hired him to play her boyfriend in a video back in October 2018. 

Following the release of that video, the two began to appear together on social media. Yerger appeared on Dragun's promotional videos for Dragun Beauty and other projects like Paris Hilton's music video for her song 'Best Friend's A**.' 

Yerger and Dragun appeared to be a couple, and Dragun acknowledged their relationship in a Q&A video in March 2019. However, Dragun admitted she was hesitant to enter a relationship because she had never been in one before.

Dragun fell hard for Yerger and thought they were dating, but she believed he reciprocated the feelings when they started getting physical. The couple made everyone think they were actually dating. 

Unfortunately, the fairytale of relationship was broken when Dragun delivered the bombshell in a video titled 'I Got My Heart Broken' in July 2019. She said that Yerger used their relationship to further his career and never genuinely loved her.

She also claimed that Yerger had cheated on her and that they had to break up. Yerger retaliated by saying that he had never been in a consensual relationship with Dragun.

In a lengthy Instagram Stories post, he claimed Dragun recruited him through his modeling agency to play the role of her boyfriend. In addition, he claimed that his friendship with Dragun helped him advance in his career, although he never asked for anything.

When the videos he was working on with Dragun became more graphic, Yerger stated he became uncomfortable. He further claimed that filming the boyfriend Q&A video was difficult since he had to lie about the specifics of their fictitious relationship.

He wanted to get out of this fake relationship, but he was engrossed in the life Dragun provided. So he did all he could to avoid getting into a serious relationship with Dragun, and he made up excuses to avoid being alone with her.

Yerger denied her infidelity allegations by claiming that their performance together at Coachella was only a commercial transaction and that he was under no obligation to remain faithful to her.

While Dragun thought their business deal had advanced to an actual relationship, Yerger never felt the same way about the two. However, he never addressed them getting physical. 

Eventually, the pair moved on from this drama to other people. But they still constantly throw jabs towards one another, as evident by Dragun's debut single.