Professionally, Tyga is an artist better known for someone who churns out a hit after another hit. In his personal life, however, his romantic relationships seem to go through frequent ups and downs.

Partially because the rap star doesn’t seem to come to terms with what he likes. In the past, he has been exposed for hooking up with two trans women, which he has outrightly denied.  

He has been in hot water numerous times over the issue of denying being into trans women. However, this matter got propelled into mainstream notoriety when individuals with substantial clout got involved. 

Now, the talk and intrigue have come down to beauty influencer Nikita Dragun and socialite Blac Chyna. 

How It Began

Tyga and Chyna used to be an item, and they even have a son together. However, they broke it off in 2014, and Tyga hopped into a relationship with Kylie Jenner

At the moment, there was news that Tyga had been sneaking with Jenner under Chyna’s nose. Unfortunately, she got to find out about it only when they broke up. It was also around this time that rumors began surfacing of Tyga being into trans women.

In 2016, he had to go on record to address these rumors and called them to be defamatory. His main argument was that he has a massive following on physical and virtual platforms, and some people want to see him burn.

Fast forward two years later, in 2018, another set of rumors surfaced concerning alleged flirtations with Dragun. 

Dragun, of course, is a transwoman and a beauty influencer. The rumors at the time claimed that she and other trans friends of hers had been at a Halloween party hosted by Tyga in 2017.

Initially, the guests did not know that they were trans, and upon that discovery, they were escorted out. However, when they were being led out, the rumors claimed Tyga had stopped Dragun to speak to her and potentially had asked for her number. 

Around that time, Dragun made a story-time video regarding a similar event happening to her for being a transwoman. We say “similar” as she does not explicitly name Tyga nor the other concerned individuals.

The way the story went down matches, though. Similarly, viewers in the comment section of the video unanimously agreed that it was Tyga.

Nikita Dragun Confirms the DMs

With all these being said and the rumors going viral out of proportion, Dragun came out with a statement on her Twitter to clear the air. She boldly stated that while other beauty gurus have an incident involving Tyga, she is not one of them and wouldn't make a big deal out of it. 

The tweet was soon followed by many asking if it really happened. To these inquiries, she replied that these are false. Moreover, if she wanted to interact with the rapper, she would simply respond to his DMs. 

This issue would have probably been laid where it was put down had it not been for the recent developments. Earlier in August this year, Chyna called out Tyga on Twitter for preferring transwomen.

The tweets have since been deleted, so the reason why they came up in the first place is unclear.

Nikita Dragun exposes Tyga in her new music video.

Nikita Dragun exposes Tyga in her new music video. (Source: Nikita Dragun's Instagram)

However, this topic has resurfaced because Dragun just came out with her debut single ‘D**K,’ which was rife with receipts, aside from being an empowering anthem for the transgender community. 

In the music video, Dragun exposed various men for trying to court her while they had girlfriends. One of these men was Tyga, caught red-handed in a screenshot that showed him trying to text her with his phone number. 

As the song goes, Dragun clearly doesn’t want anyone to play with it.