Asian Doll has taken a break from social media. 

The ‘Pull Up’ rapper deactivated her Instagram and Twitter account after she got into an intense argument with Nikita Dragun, a YouTuber who identifies as a trans woman. Nikita, who recently released her debut single ‘D*CK,’ claimed to be the first transgender pop star. 

Her statement was not well received by people on the internet, and they chastised Nikita for it, citing the late icon Sophie and Kim Petras as examples. In her song, Nikita also dragged many people, including Asian Doll, which did not sit well with her. 


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Asian Doll reacted to it, but she made an even bigger mistake by misgendering Nikita, which triggered many people. 

Asian Doll Blasted on Twitter

In her song, Nikita called out many people, including rapper Tyga. The makeup guru accused Tyga of being in her DMs once again. She had made the same claims back in 2018, although the rapper had vehemently denied it. 

But in her music video, she included a screenshot of Tyga’s dm, which read, “Text me” with a redacted number. However, no one knows if the screenshot is legitimate. 

The social media influencer also called out Asian Doll by including a photo of her body with a flashy pink outfit with the text “you wearing [what] that I already wore.” A fan brought this to Asian Doll's attention on Twitter with the message, “Sis, why did Nikita Dragun put your picture in her video she just posted.” 

Asian Doll responded on Twitter with a laughing emoji iterating, “Nikita was about to be dragged by his bald head.” She also tweeted the message, “What do they call boys that pick on girls? Bullying.” 

The people on the internet hit back at Asian Doll for her transphobic tweet. But, unfortunately, when a Twitterati called her out for being transphobic, she made it worse and continued to misgender Nikita instead of realizing her mistake.

Asian Doll responded, noting that she loved transgender people and that boy [Nikita] seemed like an angry racist. The beef between Nikita and Asian Doll started trending on Twitter, which must have caught Nikita’s attention because she finally responded to Asian Doll’s statement. 

After getting enough hate from people on the internet, it appears Asian Doll has withdrawn from the feud and will be keeping aways from social media for a while. 

Fans Are Not Siding with Nikita Dragun

Even though Twitteratis called out Asian Doll, they are not on Nikita’s side either. 

Many users accused Nikita of "blackfishing.” It refers to an online trend where people artificially darken their skin tone and wear traditionally Black hairstyles to pretend to be a black person, often considered cultural appropriation. 

Additionally, because of her statement above, Nikita has also been accused of causing a divide between African American cis women and African American transgender women. She was accused of disrespecting black women when she tried to emulate black culture at every turn.