After Nessa Barrett posted TikTok videos of singing, she landed a record deal with Warner Bros. and released her debut single, ‘Pain,’ which scored over 360K opening day Spotify streams. 

She followed it up with ‘if u love me’ and ‘la die die’ in collaboration with Jaden Hossler. Barrett and Hossler fell in love after the collaboration and left their respective lover, Josh Richards and Mads Lewis, to be in a relationship. 

Many thought they had cheated on their now ex-es to be together, but no one knows for sure. 

A lot of drama went down at the time, but Barrett continued focusing on her music career. Her debut studio album, young forever, is slated to release in 2022. She has already released the first single ‘die first’ dedicated to her late friend, Cooper Noriega


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And now there are talks that Barrett might be collaborating with British-Australian singer Ruel Vincent Van Dijk, who goes by the stage name Ruel. 

Nessa Barrett Follows Ruel Van Dijk on Instagram

On July 18, Hollywire reported that the songstress’ eagle-eyed fans noticed she had followed Ruel on Instagram. However, Ruel has not followed her back. 

Fans were divided in their reaction and expressed it in the comments section of the outlet’s TikTok video. 

There are speculations she will reach out to the British-Australian singer for a musical collaboration or may have already collaborated. But some fans are shipping the duo and theorizing they could also be dating. 

“He [Ruel] had a girlfriend,” wrote one user, while another wondered, “what about her and Josh?”

Nessa Barret follows Ruel on Instagram causing speculations that they might be collaborating soon.

Nessa Barrett follows Ruel on Instagram, causing speculations they might be collaborating soon. (Source: Instagram)

Another user chimed in, noting people were overreacting and that it was just a follow. 

According to reports, Ruel was dating a girl named Mary Argy. However, it is difficult to confirm this as the singer is private about his personal life. 

A quick scroll through his Instagram feed does not provide any clue. For all we know, they could have already broken up.

Who is Ruel Van Dijk?

For the unversed, Ruel is a singer/songwriter who draws inspiration from contemporary R&B and the gospel. 

The singer has always been obsessed with music. He started putting covers on YouTube when he was eight/nine years old. 


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And by the time he was 14, he had landed an international deal with RCA, writing and developing music. 

In 2017, Ruel scored his first charting single and gold ARIA certification with ‘Don’t Tell Me,’ which became the lead single on Ready, an EP issued in June 2018. 

The EP had singles 'Dazed & Confused’ and ‘Younger’ that went platinum in Australia. The former track took that year’s ARIA for Breakthrough Artist — Release.

He recently released his single ‘Let The Grass Grow,‘ a reflective pop ballad that sees the artist share his concerns about global warming and climate change. 

During a press conference, Reul revealed he was thinking about things that kept him up at night when he was writing this song. 

“The reality that the earth is heading in a terrifying direction was a hard concept to fit into a song, so we tried to make it so the song could be about a person, too. The song’s theme is just to not force nature and let everything happen to us,” said the singer. 

You can listen to ‘Let The Grass Grow’ on YouTube.