Nessa Barrett started her TikTok account with her friends as a senior high school student for fun. She went on to amass nearly 10 million followers on the platform within a year. 

Before she turned 18, the TikTok star was already leaving her little New Jersey village and relocating alone to a house in Los Angeles.

However, her parents — father Drew Barrett and mother Nez Barrett — were not pleased with her determination to pursue a career in LA.

Nessa Barrett's Parents Were Unhappy with Career Choice

In a 2021 interview with Zachsang Show, Barrett revealed her parents were not initially happy with her decision to move to LA. The social media influencer noted her parents told her she couldn't do anything with a career in the music industry in the city. 

However, she proved her parents wrong and got her apartment and car at 17.

Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barrett in April 2022. (Source: Nessa Barrett/Instagram)

Later, when her mom saw her hard work and dedication to her music and work, she apologized to Barrett for doubting her. 

In an interview with Elite in 2020, Barrett said her mother was incredibly encouraging and somewhat in awe. She revealed that her mother would have never imagined she could leave home and live on her own. 

"She's just amazed. I flew her out here twice now, and she's come and watched my music video shoots and seen me in the studio," she explained. "She's just so happy that I've been able to follow my dreams."

Nessa Barrett Wanted to Be in the Music Industry

Being born into a musical family, Barrett always wanted to make a career in the music industry. She had a music studio in her house where her dad used to make music. 

Her parents also got her a mini toy studio as her first Christmas gift. The singer recorded her first song in the studio at four. She even wrote lyrics in her notebooks and sang in choruses as early as kindergarten. 

Later, when her parents divorced, Barrett was raised in Galloway by her mother, where she had trouble fitting in. For starters, she was Puerto Rican in a affluent and white area. 

Barrett felt like she was the only Hispanic student at her school because she was the only one who lived in an apartment with a single mother. 


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In February 2021, she jokingly tweeted about her childhood days, saying, "i don't know how else to explain my childhood other then i have a taurus mom and an aries dad. rip."'

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It is safe to say Barrett shares a close bond with her mom. She shared a childhood video of herself and her mother in her 'Die First.' Dedicating the song to her mother, she captioned it, "Making this made me cry. This song is for my mom. Think about your family when you hear this song."

The TikToker even has a tattoo on her inner right arm dedicated to her mother. The ink reads, "I loved you at your darkest." Her mom also has a tattoo in the same place with a phrase that reminds her of Barrett.