The last time we reported on Kendall Monroe and Nessa Barrett, the former had apologized to the latter for making her uncomfortable.

Monroe claimed she was not a copycat and did not intend to copy Barrett. She explained she was carrying out an experiment to understand how much hate there was on social media. However, Barrett did not accept her apology or explanation.

Since then, there have been new developments in the drama. After Monroe’s video went live, Barrett uploaded a TikTok claiming she was getting her nipples chopped off and a tattoo of a baby goat’s bu** on her cheek. “So for all those people that want to copy me, cope me if you dare bi***,” added Barrett.

Netizens knew she was referring to Monroe even though she had not mentioned her name. They supported her, saying she had all the right to be angry and was right in calling out Monroe. “Honestly, Kendall asked for it,” wrote a user in tiktokroom’s Instagram post

Kendall Monroe Responds to Nessa Barrett’s TikTok

Shortly after, Monroe responded to Barrett’s TikTok. The TikToker took to Instagram stories, seemingly mocking Barrett.

She uploaded a photo of a baby goat tattoo on her cheek, writing, “Guys, I just woke up, but did you like my new tattoo? I love it.”

In the next story, she uploaded a photo of herself wearing a zipper hoodie and wrote, “also, I just got both of my nipples chopped off.” She then uploaded a photo of her necklace and wrote “bi***” on the image. 

Netizens noticed that the necklace she wore was like the one Barrett wore in a photo promoting her song for her late best friend, Cooper Noriega.

Kendall Monroe mocks Nessa Barrett

Kendall Monroe mocks Nessa Barrett. (Source: Instagram)

Following the upload, they called her a hypocrite because previously, in her TikTok video, she had mentioned that she did not condone bullying, but now she was allegedly "mocking and bullying" Barrett. 

“Aint nobody in the right mind running ‘an experiment’ for anti-bullying awareness that involves copying an individual ever move. This girl is asking for it. Go home Kendall, you are drunk,” commented a user. “I would file a cease and desist and get a restraining order,” wrote another. 

Nessa Barrett Is Done with Kendall Monroe Drama

Barrett has not yet filed a restraining order or sent a cease and desist letter, but the pop star went on TikTok Live and addressed the whole situation.


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As per her accounts, she was exhausted by the disrespect and noted she was no longer putting up with it. The singer shared she was angry and uncomfortable, but there was nothing she could not do about it other than kindly ask everyone not to give it attention. 

She acknowledged she was wrong in calling Monroe a "bi***, but it was even more wrong of Monroe to copy her to such an extreme extent.

“It’s not a worry in my head until people bring it up, and it’s constantly being brought up, so I just want to nip it in the bud and like for it to be done. You all are giving her way too much attention.” said Barrett. She then asked her fans and followers not to give Monroe any attention or clout.