Mark Wahlberg, one would assume, has a universally recognizable face. However, that doesn't seem to be the case, considering how often he is mistaken for some other actor.

One of the celebrities he is mistaken for is Matt Damon. In fact, fans often mistake them for one another, and it makes for hilarious stories.

They both have graceful ways of dealing with misidentification each time that happens.

Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon Get Mistaken for Each Other Often

There are many stories about people on the street just walking up to Wahlberg or Damon asking for a picture, thinking it was the other guy. But some are more popular than others.

One of these is from 2013. In August that year, Wahlberg was mistaken for Damon while out and about.

A fangirl screamed, "Matt Damon!" at him, and rushed to him to get a picture taken. Wahlberg, with a good sense of humor and all the grace in the world, didn't tell the fan he was not who she thought he was.

She took a photo, and she sent it to one of her friends. Her friend then sent her to Damon's face, and that was when she realized she had hugged Wahlberg and not Damon.

"He didn't correct us at all lmao," she wrote to her friend. This conversation took place through text messages, and Wahlberg got a hold of the screengrab of it.

So, he posted the hilarious conversation on his Facebook page and wrote, "Close enough" in the caption, followed by a smiley face emoji.

During another conversation with Mario Lopez in 2016, Wahlberg revealed his people complimented him for his work on The Bourne Identity, a role Damon is famous for.

Speaking for both of them, Wahlberg said, "We just laugh it off. I never correct anybody."

Mark Wahlberg shared a conversation about a fan mistaking him for Matt Damon.

Mark Wahlberg shared a conversation about a fan mistaking him for Matt Damon in 2013. (Photo: Mark Wahlberg/Facebook/Today)

In 2013, Damon, too, talked about people mistaking him for Wahlberg. He said he got mistaken for Wahlberg all the time and that they had talked about it.

He even confessed to having signed autographs as Wahlberg. "You just have to be as nice as possible, and if they keep the thing going, you have to keep it going," he added.

These confusions are probably exacerbated by the fact that the two have worked on a film together — The Departed in 2006. They had a few scenes together, and the mistakes are not that surprising when you consider that.

Other Celebrities Mistaken for Matt Damon

It's not just Wahlberg who gets mistaken for Damon, though. Damon's face is apparently so similar to so many other actors, many others have similar stories.

During an interview in April 2019, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt shared their stories of being taken as Damon, among other celebrities.

DiCaprio and Damon, too, were in The Departed. Pitt shared screen time with Damon on 2001's Oceans Eleven.

Pitt shared he even signed an autograph as Damon once. He just made a gesture of scribbling a signature, trying not to ruin the fan's day.