Nick Cannon is spilling the beans.

The Masked Singer host, in his recent appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast, went into details of his financial life and how he had become financially savvy over the years in his stay in Hollywood. He confessed to having had a lot of learning moments.

Cannon said his marriage to ex wife, Mariah Carey, was one of the biggest wake-up calls to get his finances straight. Carey's lifestyle bruised his ego to the point that, while already successful, he felt the need to do more.

Nick Cannon on How Mariah Carey’s Lavish Lifestyle Hurt His Ego

Almost three hours into the podcast, Cannon and Budden's gang were talking about his entertainment deals over the years regarding Wild 'N Out, MTV, and other stuff. Cannon then recalled how he put all that to the side after he got married to Carey.

He said Wild' N Out "went away" because he got married. He wanted to focus on his family with Carey and keep his home environment as normal as he could.

Nick Cannon with his ex wife, Mariah Carey.

Nick Cannon with his ex wife, Mariah Carey. (Photo: Twitter)

In his words, he wanted to focus on "the business of being married," stressing that he was married to "one of the biggest icons in music."

But after being with her for a while, he noticed Carey had a lifestyle based on outrageous spending. "Mariah don't step out the house," he revealed. "It costs her $150,000, $200,000 just to walk out the house."


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He said that the amount included things like her security, jets she was traveling in, makeup, etc. Cannon confessed he had never dealt with those kinds of numbers before then. 

His ex wife's ability and willingness to hemorrhage money hurt his confidence. "My ego is even telling me, 'I gotta be a breadwinner, too,'" he said. 

People even started questioning their marriage, asking them why she was married to him. However, Cannon, too, was making decent money on his side. "We wasn't far off," he clarified while also admitting that when they first got together, Carey had more money than him.

This all prompted him to "step back" and figure out what he was in. Cannon talked to "financial advisors" and "board members" to understand what he could and should do.

The host, after these talks, got more into the business side of things while also keeping a close eye on the entertainment side of things.

Cannon and Carey share two kids from their time together — twins Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon. They had them after strenuous fertility treatments.